Gentle Gems is my 2021 Hexies of the Month Wall Hanging

It is a delightful project that is designed to use up some of your scraps! The hexagons require only small pieces of fabric for the backing/borders and appliqués. Gentle Gems is also a portable project - NO SEWING MACHINE required!

This lovely design is unique in that each hexagon is complete in itself, which means that the completed embroideries could be used individually, stitched together in whatever format you choose, or put together to make this pretty wall hanging.

 The wall hanging measures 12¾ in x 33½ in (32 cm x 85 cm) and the individual hexagons are 4½ in x 5¼ in (11.5 cm x 13.5 cm)

Each month, the patterns for two hexagons will be released, commencing in January 2021. The last two patterns, plus finishing instructions, will be made available in November. All patterns are sent in pdf format by email.

There are 22 hexagons and they can be purchased individually for just $1.50 each; I think you will agree that this is a bargain. 

However, if you sign up for the whole design, you will receive MORE THAN 50% OFF, with a cost of just $15 for all 22 hexagon patterns.

Join the 2021 Gentle Gems Hexies of the month full programme at the cost of $15:

(You can join the programme at any time and all hexagons up to the month of joining will be sent by email immediately.)


  1. Hi Val . Hope your well. I have just signed up for the full hexie pattern is it sent by snail mail or PDF emails? That would be more convenient to me as we are grey nomads. My email address is www.helenparsons5436@gmail.com . Take care
    Quilty Hugz
    Helen Parsons

  2. Hi, I just signed up for the 2021 Hexie BOM and cannot wait to get the patterns for January and February. Will these be a .pdf attachment to an email.


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