May 12, 2024

When you are on a 'Go Slow' strike!

It's amazing how your body can tell you exactly what is needed. Mine recently went on what I would call a 'Go Slow Strike'!

I had a regular doctor's appointment booked for the Tuesday, but started getting a tickly throat on the Friday before, then by Sunday a cough, then a nose that demanded virtually a whole box of tissues in an afternoon!

I turned up for the Tuesday appointment, and read the sign on the door: 'Do not enter if you have xxx" (all the symptoms that I had).  I duly rang the surgery and was told to wait outside until called. The doctor's first reaction was whooping cough, because she had just had two patients diagnosed with that, so I was sent off for swabs.

The next few days were a bit of a blur. My very good appetite disappeared, all my energy went down the drain, and lying on the recliner was about all I could manage. My body was on strike! Fortunately I found enough energy to work the TV remote and in my waking moments I binge-watched one whole series of the BBC Great Pottery Throw Down. I decided that whatever virus I had, it was three times worse than when I had Covid! In my more lucid moments, I realised that vaccinations had meant that I had had a very mild dose of the Corona Virus!

Thankfully after 12 days I started to feel better and was finally able to visit hubby again. It turned out to be Influenza A and my notoriety is that I am the first patient the doctor has had this year with the virus! I wasn't too impressed, especially after having had the Flu vaccination. 

But how wonderfully our bodies are made. The one thing I needed was REST, and so my body put itself in a state where that was all I could do!

Now I'm back firing on most cylinders and I've enjoyed making some more Hot Pad Trivets, notebook covers and a pincushion - all with a Scripture Verse on.

Today was Mothers' Day in Australia and it was lovely to have our son, daughter-in-law and grandson come to share lunch with me and to have phone conversations with other members of our family. 

It's taken me a while, but I'm gradually realising that 'Go Slow' is a valid option at my age, even when I'm feeling great!

Happy stitching!