September 25, 2022

The girls are taking over!

We have 15 grand-children - nine grandsons and six grand-daughters. Here they are all together way back in 2011.

Since they live all around Australia, it is no mean feat to get them all in one place at the one time! Since that photo was taken, all but one has become an 'adult', three have married, two of the girls are engaged, and all are making their own way in the world. 

And here's what we looked like in 2019 (and we have expanded even more since then):

With the predominance of males, I am delighted that in the next generation the girls are taking over! Since last I wrote, another beautiful little girl has arrived, making a total now of four great- granddaughters.

Family is such a blessing, and I'm delighted that God has blessed us with some more girls in the mix!

The 2023 Block of the Month is progressing well - staying up long hours to watch the Queen's funeral meant lots of stitching!

I love flowers, but there are usually more stitched ones in my house, than actual ones in the garden. My passion is growing vegetables, but there are occasional burst of colour to delight, such as my Clivea:

and this orchid:

The vegetable garden has absolutely thrived this year, probably because we have had rain during Winter which is unusual, but I will tell you about it another time!

Happy stitching!