April 1, 2020

Making the most of the lockdown

Here in Australia it is Week 2 of our virtual lockdown and I guess a lot of my blog friends are in a similar situation. One of my goals during this season is to use up some of the things I already have in the house before I buy.

A cleanup of the bathroom cabinet discovered that I don't need to add shampoo and conditioner to the shopping list. Over the years when hubby and I did a fair bit of travel, we collected quite a few of these:

Then I checked whether I needed to buy some shower gel and hand cream as the ones I was using were getting low. I had forgotten I had received the lovely Red Door items for Christmas and found I had a bit of a stash in the back of the cabinet as well.

 When I turned my attention to our freezers in an effort to use up some of the leftovers and bits and pieces, this one needed some defrosting before I could get in to have a look at what was there!

I am really enjoying having the time to do jobs like this which kept getting put off to another day.

A search in the garage for something came up trumps when I happened to glance in a crate with gear we used to take when travelling - a roll of toilet paper - like gold here as there is still none in the supermarkets!

I've been so busy keeping in touch with friends, family and our Church congregation that I have hardly had time to do any stitching!

I have started the
but it is coming along slowly.

Block 4 of the Block of the Month Quilt "More Precious than Jewels" will be available soon!

Stay safe and happy stitching!