June 12, 2022

The Crochet Hook has been busy

As I have mentioned before, I visit my hubby in Aged Care every day when I can, just for an hour or two. He still mostly remembers who I am and I come away happy if I have had a smile from him and he tells me he loves me. It takes a while to feed him his afternoon tea, sort out his clothes (I haven't quite worked out why young staff can't tell the difference between pyjama tops and shirts!), and check on his medical supplies. Conversation is rather one-sided so I put some music on and then just sit with him. 

Because I'm the fidgety type if I'm not doing something with my hands, I like to always have a project in my bag. It's not possible to do embroidery there, so the crochet hook has been busy. After a year of working edges on washers, making Christmas gifts and working on a few baby things, I had almost run out of projects to crochet. 

One of our grand-daughters soon solved the dilemma. She asked me would I crochet an Afghan blanket for her. Of course I agreed and I was supplied with a big bag of wool and a pattern. It is based on a very easy square so after making one or two of them, I knew the pattern from memory and so I have enjoyed making lots of squares while I sit with hubby. It's a 'join as you go' pattern so I do the final row at home and join onto the previous square in the evening. It's Winter now in Australia, and I have certainly appreciated having the extra layer of warmth on me as the blanket has grown and I sit in my recliner adding to it.

And talking about Winter indicates it is now June, so it is time to show you this month's mini-quilts for the Days of Delight 2022 BOM perpetual Calendar.
Is Friday 'Bake-a-Cake' Day at your house? I know some people like to bake on a Friday so that they have plenty of goodies available for their family who are home from school and work on the weekend. It's not something that I do on that day, but why not have a cake pictured on our Friday mini-Quilt?
My favourite bullion roses get a showing this month as well. 

This month's patterns have gone out to those who have joined the 2022 BOM. It's never too late to join, so feel free to have a look at the finished project and all the fun bits and pieces over at the Days of Delight Calendar page.

Happy stitching!