Oh no, not another one!

I was searching through my stash looking for that perfect piece of fabric, and oh no, guess what I found? Yes, another PASS (project at a stand-still)!!! It is a Christmas panel which was going to be part of my Advent Calendar and in the end I didn't use it. Oh well, add it to the list!

On a brighter note, I actually crossed a PASS off the list this week. The front was a stitchery that has just been sitting in the cupboard being PASSED by continually. I have made it into this cute little stitching folder.

Here's the front of it:

I had a magazine deadline to meet this week so it was off to the post office again to send this off: (Just a little snippet for now!) It's another one of my interactive children's designs - I just LOVE making things for children!

Meanwhile I have started work on a design for the Creative Craft Retreat at Crows Nest, Qld where I have been asked to teach again in October. We always have such a great time together being craft junkies. What I want to make is something that I have never made before, so it has taken some brain exercise to think how it can be constructed. Watch for more later!

Bye for now.

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  1. Glad to see that you put another project on your PASS list! My list doesn't look so bad after all!! Although I know you will get through yours before I get halfway through mine!

    The stitching folder looks good. I can't remember the Christmas panel though! What are you going to do with it?


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