April 19, 2009

A Batch of Cupcakes

I succumbed to a new addition this week - Cupcakes, that is, the no calorie, pincushion type! I fiddled around with my design and have it down to a fine art now. The basic bits get sewn on the machine and then I can relax and enjoy putting on all the trimmings by hand. The trouble is they are quite addictive and I can't stop making them now!

This is my favourite so far:

but I also really like this one:

Then I got excited by this one:

and this:

till I baked up a whole plateful:

Every time I look at them, I think they are good enough to eat! Now I'll have to find someone to relieve me of them or I'll have cupcakes taking over the house!

Thursday we celebrated 43 years of marriage and went shopping so I could spend my birthay money and then had a meal out to celebrate. Pavlova and cheesecake were the dessert choices instead of cupcakes!

Have a great week.


Janelle said...

Hi Mum
Your cupcakes look great! You can 'cook' up a batch for the girls if you like! And I would love a non-lacy version (with a yellow top and a blue base if that works!) for my sewing room!

Crispian said...

grandma, that is very cool and beautiful!


Deb said...

These Cupcakes are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautyful "cakes",

Ruth from Norway

BJ said...

Love your cupcakes. I'm going to send this link to my daughter. She is becoming a real cupcake queen.

Gina E. said...

Hi Val
I found your blog on another blog (you know how it goes, lol!) and am enjoying looking at your creations. Do you have a tutorial or pattern available for the cupcakes? They are really sweet - the nicest I've seen among all the various photos on other blogs!

Quiltsmiles said...

Hi Val- Love your cupcakes they are scrumptious looking and too cute! I just printed out the love is and think I may join you, better late than never right....Thanks

--- Ruth --- RuRebo --- said...

Wonderful cupcakes!
And they make the hips twice the size... ;-)))

Anonymous said...

Val, first, thank you for the lovely Love Is, patterns - I plan to start them this week - I know, I know, I'm late LOL
Anyway, do you have a pattern or tutorial for those cupcakes (and the birdhouse??) Please??
A couple of us are wondering (and hoping :) )

Gerda in Alberta, Canada

Grandma Shell said...

Where can I find the pattern for these? Thanks. They are so cute! I also have a pincushion addiction LOL

Grandma Shell said...

I want some LOL Where can I find the pattern, please? Those are gorgeous!

Linda Joyce said...

Just love those bird house pin cushions,, is there a PDF file or are the patterns for sale?
Really would like to know...

Linda J

elliesue said...

I love both of these Pin Cushions and like the others, is there a PDF for them, or are they for sale.
Thanks for sharing your lovely work.
Elaine. Australia

Sue said...

These are darling!

Farah Muzaffar said...

So so beautiful Dear Val ... cute and adorable... I am going to follow you now for more sweet projects...

Cheryll said...

Oh La La they're beautiful!!!
My fav's from the plate are the pink one and the white one.. just soooo pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! :) it looks great! :) i don't know what to say...
first one is the best! :)