Bags and more bags

Last week I decided to make some mug bags, well I like to call them "cup" bags actually, as it sounds a bit more elegant and suits my style better. I had tried one idea which I wasn't really pleased with so I made this one just as a practice run to see how a completely different idea would turn out:
I used the broderie perse method of applique, just cutting out various flowers, leaves and buds from the main fabric and blanket-stitching them onto the pink fabric. It's a quick and easy method and I like to use it occasionally when I'm in a hurry. The big advantange is that all the details such as petals, veins, and colour are all there without having to add anything.
Of course I couldn't stop at one, so made another two. Here's a sneak peak of one that I have sent off to a magazine which will hopefully be published next year:
It was also on the plan last week to make final preparations for the Creative Craft Retreat at which I will be teaching in Queensland later in the year. The design is not really a bag but it functions like a bag and can be carried over the arm! That's all the clues for now! Here's a sneak peak:
Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi Mum
    I think you could make me a cup bag for another purpose!!

  2. Hi GRANDMA!
    i love your cup bags!!
    i wish you could make me one!

    hows the 'block of the month project' going?

    i wonder if you could tell me what you are making at 'Creative Craft Retreat'!?
    (please email)


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