February 21, 2010

The Bag Gallery

When I spent time with our daughter over the Christmas holidays, she shocked me by saying, when she was looking at some stitching I was doing, "There's a gap between a couple of your backstitches.  It's not up to your usual standard."!!!  I was blaming the poor lighting (which was partly responsible) but I realised I was having difficulty seeing, so having my eyes tested went to the top of the priority list once we arrived back home.  So next week, I go to pick up my new glasses.  Meanwhile, I have been using my magnifying light to try to maintain my standard of perfection!  It would be wonderful one day to actually reach it!!!

I've mostly been working on a magazine commissioning this week, so can't show you photos of that, so I thought I would collect a few photos of different bags I have made. Bags are so much fun to make, aren't they?

I've been quite overwhelmed at the response to my new Gifts of Grace free BOM design.  Thank you for your support and all the lovely comments.  I have nearly finished stitching Block 4 so I am getting ahead of you!

Don't forget to share photos when you've finished your block.

Have a great week and happy stitching!



Allie said...

Ugh - I'm having trouble with my stitching too, and bifocals aren't helping - I have to hold my stitching [with glasses OFF] almost up to my nose!

Love your bags - the top one is my favorite. I love making bags. Your Gifts of Grace is absolutely gorgeous, and I finally got your button on my blog - have to switch to IE instead of Mozilla to add buttons.

Annie Bee said...

I wear glasses over glasses to help me see. Your bags are just darling.

Joy said...

I'm a bit of a bag-lady myself Val ;o)!!! Love your gawjus bags :o)!!!
Joy :o)
PS ... I bet you'll love your new glasses, I couldn't believe the difference when I got my new ones :o)!!!

Wendyb said...

What a difference a pair of glasses make....and dont ya know, you just don't know how much you need them til you've got them!!!???
Love your bags too...my faves the brolly one (and it's red!!!!)
sugary hugs XX Wendy :O)

Janelle said...

Hi Mum
What can I say! My three favourites out of the five bags you've shown live at my place! Crispian thinks that it's a good thing he has a Grandma like you otherwise we wouldn't have all these lovely things at our place!

SavvyCrafterDil said...

love your art works!! beautiful ;)