Another Baseco Bag

I've finished (and used) my second lovely Baseco Bag.  It's such a useful size and all proceeds from the sale of the pattern go towards helping the poor of Baseco, Manila.  You can buy the pattern from Dawn here.
I love the pastel colours of course and it was a fabulous way to use up the last bits and pieces of a Jelly Roll.

Here's a couple more PASSES (Projects at a stand still) that I have finished.  This is a little sewing case made from my free stitchery pattern which you can find here. 
This next one is another of my DH's cross stitches.  Every time I see this one, it reminds me of a lovely Bed and Breakfast place we stayed in while we were in Cardiff, Wales, a few years ago.

It too is a sewing case.  Here's the inside with six pockets and some felt for pins and needles:

Well, that's quite a few PASSES out of the way.  Another one of them has already been posted off to a magazine - photo another day!  And now I couldn't wait any longer to get onto some new designs.  One has my favourite grub roses on it and I'm also working on something with a Christmas theme.  I LOVE stitching!



  1. Val another gorgeous Baseco Bag... just love the romantic colors of this one....can't wait to see your Christmas themed stitchery..
    hugs Dawn x x x

  2. Beautiful Val - I really like it done in pastels! Your stitch books are lovely too - dh does BEAUTIFUL work. You both do. So much talent in one family!


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