April 8, 2010

Tackling some PASSES

I managed to finish a quilt this week.  I confess it had been cut out and half sewn for quite a long time.  It had virtually become one of my PASSES - Project at a Stand Still!  It is such pretty fabric - I'm not sure why I stalled on it - probably because I hadn't worked out what I was going to do on the feature blocks.  Anyway, it is now a lovely lap quilt, has been quilted and is all finished.  Instead of a binding, it has a rather unique border, but I've submitted it to a magazine, so can only show you a sneak peak for now!

I had enough fabric over for my next Baseco bag which I am making for myself this time.  While I had all the fabric, cutter, rulers, board etc out, I decided I would also cut out some strips for a little fabric scrap basket that I wanted to make.  An hour or so later, and voila:

It's so much prettier sitting on my sewing cabinet than the big rubbish basket on the floor! 

I'm stitching the embroidery for my Baseco bag at night in front of the tele, so today I was ready to tackle some machine sewing during the daylight hours.  I'm rather proud of myself for not starting something new - even though a project was screaming out: "Start me!  Start me!".  I decided I really should tackle some of my PASSES.  There are so many bits and pieces at a "Stand Still".  It took an hour or two to collect them from lots of nooks and crannies into one place.  And I had a brainwave in the early hours of this morning as to what I could do with lots of lovely cross stitches that have been sitting around patiently waiting to be displayed ...

Quite a few of them are going to be turned into Calendars!  This first one is a Rabbit Ears Orchid which I photographed in one of our gorgeous Conservation Parks.  The photo was then put through our cross stitch converter software.  So, another PASS hits the dust and another present goes in the box.

And I've already started work on another PASS.  I wonder how many I will get done before the two Jelly Rolls I have ordered arrive.  I can't imagine me working on PASSES with new Jelly Rolls sitting in the cupboard!!!  That would require just too much discipline!

Happy Stitching!



Karens Hopes said...

Very pretty colours Val I too have been productive and managed to finish a couple of discarded projects.

Janelle said...

All your projects look great, Mum! Good on you for slashing your PASS list. The orchid looks great (Dad does such a wonderful job with them!) and like your idea of a calendar.

Kelli said...

The quilt is lovely! And so is your Basceo bag - thanks for so willingly sharing all your projects! I did the same thing at the end of last year - gathered all my unfinish-ables and put them in order so 2010 is my year to finish everything up before I buy more fabric!

Allie said...

Well good for you!!! Your quilt looks lovely and I can't wait to see your finishing technique. Your little basket is darling and I LOVE the orchid - great idea, I'll have to dig out my cross stitch software, lol! I'm afraid to dig out my own "passes"....

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Val,
Ohh, that latest quilt is sooo sweet.
I can't wait to see what you've done with the edges!
Happy creating,

Martina said...

Love your sweet little basket.

Shirleymac said...

Love the calendar!