May 30, 2010

The Garden Gate and some more stash-busters.

I seem to have been running around in circles all week, but when I came to think about what I could show you, I was surprised to find I did actually accomplish a couple of things! I've been fiddling around with felt - more in my head and on paper, than actually sewing it, so that's where the frustration set in! Eventually I curled up under a quilt and stitched this little Garden-gate pincushion, all by hand: 

I'm thinking it has possibilities.

Early in the week I completed the project below, sent a photo to a magazine editor and it was commissioned the same day.  It will be published in February.  It was one of those designs that came together just right first time and I hardly changed anything from my original idea - well, there were a couple of stitched borders added, and some Prairie Points put on, but seeing I mostly design as I go, that wasn't too bad for me!

My commitment to make gift bags for the Creative Craft Retreat is, I think, complete.  I've made 60 bags all up and now have to wait and see if numbers attending match what I have made! 

and some more from the blue stash:

and it won't surprise you to learn that you cannot see the slightest difference in the height of my fabric piles!
I've told myself I cannot buy any more fabric for a long time .... unless it's one of those beautiful new Jelly Rolls that I saw advertised .....

I'm officially in "Hibernation Mode" now - only go out into the cold when I absolutely HAVE to - so stitching Winter away is my way of coping!  And I envy my friends on the other side of the world coping with the heat!

So whatever your weather, I hope you have a great week and that you can get some stitching done!



Janelle said...

Hi Mum
Good on you for getting all those bags done! I would like to see more than 60 ladies at the retreat, so we'll see!! Love the garden gate pincushion... I think I know what you're working on!

CraftyMummy said...

Love the garden gate pin cushion - beautiful!
And I was just wondering whether I was going to see you at Craft Retreat this year - I'm guessing I will with all those lovely bags to deliver :) I'm thinking about whether to sew a jelly roll quilt that weekend...

Marielle said...

I love the pincushion it is very pretty

Joy said...

Cute pincushion, and I love the quilt Val ... what we can see of it ;o). I'm with you too ... not a fan of Winter, but it is good stitching weather :o)!!!
Joy :o)

sunny said...

I love your little pincushion and your quilt. I need to find time to do more stitching, because I want to try everything I see! Thanks for the inspiration.

Allie said...

Val, that pincushion is so darling, I hope it will become a pattern! Your commissioned project looks delightful. 60 bags, Val? Wow...

Hibernation mode - I'm a little jealous right now, lol. The heat is oppresive here and I can't even sew. At least in the winter you can turn the iron on and warm the place up a bit, lol. But I do love summer so I'll shut up, lol!

Susan said...

As soon as I saw your pincushion, I said out loud, "That's gorgeous!!!"

Love the things you do.


Susan said...

As soon as I saw your pincushion, I said out loud, "That's gorgeous!!!"

Love the things you do.


Susan said...

Val I love your pincushion - and that wall hanging looks very intersting . .February - how can we wait so long??
Winter - well maybe you should try Queensland winter - we are actually having a bit of winter right now - all of 10 degress last night! But we do pay for it in Summer!
And those lucky retreat attendees - wish I was one of them!