June 13, 2010

Free pattern - Gifts of Grace Block 5

Another month has whizzed around and it's time to let you have the next block in the Free block of the month pattern, Gifts of Grace.

Block 5 is "Kindness", a sense of compassion in the heart.

I hope you like this new block.  You can find the download here on my website.  Scroll down to the bottom of that page to find all the blocks that have been released so far.

I hear that some of you are finding it difficult each month to remember to go looking for the new block.  Well, I'd love it if you would become one of my blog "followers". That way, you will be reminded that the pattern is available - and you get to read all my ravings in between! 

Our bleak and cold weather means a lot of snuggling up under my quilt and lots of stitching accomplished.  I am a real hermit in winter and feel as if I only survive because I can do lots of hand embroidery!  This is some of last week's stitching:

I have had so much enjoyment working this embroidery - silk, damask, felt, variegated threads, beads, flowers - what more could I ask for!

Happy stitching!



Dee said...

I really like your hand embroidered flowers. What kind of stitching is that? I don't think I've seen most of them before.

Laura said...

Yo stitching is beautiful!!!! love the colors, to be honest love it all, what stitch is the one you used for the little flowers, do we get to know what you are doing...???
Thanks for the lovely new block its so pretty.

quilterfaye said...

hi Val, Of course I love to be one of your followers! I visit your blog regularly. I haven't noticed the followers button to sign in. point me in the right direction and I'm there. I love reading about your sewing/quilting and beautiful stitching.Thank you for your Gifts Of Grace;they're wonderful. I don't have my own blog yet.---sommeday

Darlene said...

Beautiful stitching! Love this months block!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Val,
Ah, I'm already a follower as I'm loving these BOM designs.
Your latest piece is fabulous.
Thank you!

Verna S said...

Thank you for sharing these blocks with us, they are so very beautiful!

Marsha said...

Your stitching is beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful Gifts of Grace, they are pretty, too!

I did sign up as a follower.


OH WOW--how pretty--you did a beautiful job on that stitching---way to go!!!
I just love your monthly stitchery's--I am even getting the "hang" of that satin stitch on the words!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di

Kelli said...

Val - what wonderful stitching - it is beautiful! You are so talented and so kind to share the Gifts of Grace patterns with all of us. Thank you for doing so and I'm going to sign up now to be a follower - I have your emblem on my blog as well.

Vicki said...

Thanks Val for the latest BOM ...its a darling one just like the others. I am a follower of your lovely blog and have been for some time now as I dont want to miss out on what you get up to :) I absolutely love your hermit embroidery...very beautiful and it looks like you really love doing it :) hugs Vicki

Janet said...

I love your blocks and I would never forget to look for the new one. It is lovely as always. Your embroidery is beautiful. I like to see what you are doing and am a follower too. How nice you made all those tote bags. :) Thanks again for a wonderful BOM.

Mandy said...

Hi Val,
Just love your BOM and I would love to become a follower. Where is the button to add my name?

Val Laird said...

Re the follow button:
At the very top of my blog, you should see the Blogger bar with various menus to access. The Follow button is the first one in the left corner next to the search space.

Thanks for following!

Margot said...

Love this months block!
Thanks for sharing with us.

Mariasun said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us block 5! It is so cute.