Biscornu and some Gifts of Grace photos

You might remember some sneak peaks of this a few months ago, well it's time for the reveal now that it's been published.  It's my Harmony Rose Biscornu work cushion and scissor case.  There's lots of lovely bullion stitch roses with beads and charms for embellishment on green evenweave linen.

Here it is on the front cover of Australian Country Craft and Decorating - see it on the right - it's only small against the gorgeous quilt:

And on the inside:

 If you don't have access to our Australian magazine, then you can purchase the pattern here.

There's been lots of lovely stitching going on around the world so I thought I'd show you some of the wonderful interpretations of my Gifts of Grace blocks.

Here are Penny's with a lavender theme.  Aren't they just so sweet?

And Sandra has chosen to embroider the outlines instead of using applique.  Haven't they come up beautifully?

And here's Teresa's - aren't they pretty?

It's just great seeing how each one puts their own interpetation on the design. I hope you've been enthused to get started on your next one ... and I'd love to see some more photos.

Happy stitching!


  1. Thanks Val for featuring my stitching :)

  2. The biscornu is lovely - congratulations on it being published! Thank you so much for your tutorial on making roses. I have been practicing and it isn't as hard as I thought it would be! Seeing the variety of roses on the biscornu helps as well.

  3. Your new pattern is just gorgeous Val! And I love seeing everyone's blocks - they're all spectacular!

  4. The pincushion and scissor holder are beautiful, as are all your designs. I am honored that you chose to post pictures of some of my Gifts of Grace blocks - thank you!

  5. Love the new pattern. The work of the stitchers you featured are all just georgous.

  6. They are all lovely, but they wouldn't be possible without your creative genious. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog all those months ago!

  7. Hi Val, I have posted the photos of my Gifts of Grace blocks on my blog. You can view it on:
    I hope you can access it. I am only new at blogging so am not sure if what I am doing is right.
    Hope you enjoy them.
    If you cannot access my blog, you can reach me at the address below.

  8. Hello Val,
    Thank you for leaving that lovely message on my blog. I have done as you directed, am still learning how to do things to make it all work together. Should I have used a hoop for the stitching, I have pressed it but it is still all puckery and looks pulled up. I would value your advice on this as I am only a learner.


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