I can now reveal another project of which you saw just a sneak peak some time ago.  It is my wall-hanging called "Fantasia" which has just been published in our fantastic Australian magazine, Country Threads.

Here it is on the cover:

and inside the mag:

and a close up of the centre panel:

Fans hold quite an attraction for me.  I have loved them from early childhood.  We actually used them quite a lot in the hot Queensland summer, long before electric fans and airconditioning were common!  And now I enjoy making them in patchwork.


On another note, Christine sent me a photo of some lovely coathangers she made using my free tutorial pattern, "Doing Frilly".  Aren't they just so pretty?

Hope you are having a great stitching week!



  1. That is beautiful!!! Is there anywhere else that I could purchase the pattern? Australian magazines are rather expensive in the US.

  2. That's gorgeous Val! I love fans too - I used to have some pretty ones my grandparents brought me from their travels, I wonder what happened to them? Love the coat hangers!

  3. Fantasia is so pretty. I love your fabric palette, too

  4. Congrats yet again! You sure are prolific! I love fans myself, although I've never made a quilt with fans. One day...

  5. I love your quilt! I'm with sunny on finding a place to purchase the pattern as I can't find Australian magazines in my area. Nola

  6. Your easy instructions made them a breeze to make. Thanks Val. Regards, Christine

  7. Thanks for liking my new Fantasia pattern! I have now put it up on my website. You can purchase it here:

  8. Oh how absolutely pretty - I just love it. You design the most lovely things I have ever seen.

    I have been working on a couple ETUI boxes to donate to my guild for our boutique. They look great, but mine do not stand up as pretty as yours. I used fastfuse as my stiffener instead of poster board and I am wondering if that might be my problem. They sure are pretty though, and I hope to put a picture on my blog soon.

  9. It looks like you had a great stitching week! That is so pretty!

  10. Your 'Fantasia' is so fantastic that I have to do it at once. I just bought the magazine in Sweden and the layer cake with Garden Party in USA so I am ready to start.
    Thank you.

  11. Everyone that picks up the magazine will be thrilled to find you lovely pattern in it. Congrats! Your work is really wonderful.


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