Our Big News!

Well, this has been the most exciting holiday we have ever had ... and it has all ended very abruptly!

We have had our house on the market in our little country town for nearly 2 years hoping to move back to Queensland, our home State, where the weather is much warmer and kinder on the body, and where more than half our family resides.  It's been a L - O - N - G wait for a buyer.

We started out on our holiday, a couple of thousand kilometres from home, and spent our first night at this gorgeous campsite in Jimna State Forest:

... did some fabulous bush walking and saw beautiful birds like this butcherbird who came to visit us in our campervan:

and this brown cuckoo dove:

Next day we were briefly back in civilization passing through the next town when our mobile phones began to come into range and there was the news:  There was a buyer for our house!!!!! Suddenly our 6 week holiday plans were about to change dramatically, seeing the proposed settlement date on the house was just 6 weeks away!  We changed direction and headed for the nearest area where we could arrange to sign the contract, which also happened to be the area to which we hoped to move.  As Christians, we know that nothing happens by chance, and that our wonderful God had in a most amazing way organised all our circumstances so that we were just in the right place at the right time.

Papers were duly signed and because we were in the area we wanted to live in, we were able to look for a house, something we hadn't thought would be possible. The next day we found this gorgeous house:

made an offer, signed a contract and paid the deposit. 
So after 2 years of waiting, we sold and bought in just 3 days!
We will be living in Sandstone Point, a lovely coastal area close to the Bribie Island National Park with beautiful beaches, wonderful bushland and abundant wildlife, like these Herons we saw:

I could write page after page of all the intricate details of God's perfect timing and organisation.  We have just stood back and been amazed. We are leaving our campervan in Queensland, another wonderful blessing in that we don't have to drive the 4000 kilometre round trip.  We will fly home Wednesday and will spend the next few weeks PACKING.   It's 11 years since our last move, so there'll be plenty to get rid of, even after the decluttering we've already done.  So don't expect too much stiching to be done! 

Meanwhile, Australian Country Craft & Decorating magazine have a profile article on my designs in their latest issue.  I feel so honoured to be featured in these wonderful publications.

I have been blessed beyond imagination.

Happy stitching!


  1. Congratulations...what exciting news!

  2. Such exciting news, Val! Congratulations! On the sale, and the new house, and the magazine article! Hope all the packing and moving goes smoothly.

  3. Yah, a new house - more time to spend with you!
    Your projects are beautiful! Hope you see some birds that you hardly ever see!

    CRISPIAN :-)

  4. Congratulations Val.Welcome back to Queesnsland. Hugs, Jeanette

  5. God is good all the time; all the time God is good. All the best with packing and the move north!

  6. Oh wow Val, I am so happy for you.... and of course I approve greatly of your choice of Queensland..... welcome back home.... All the best with the packing and moving.... Hugz

  7. Oh my - that is such good news!!! And all in God's timing too. Congratulations! Your new house is jaw-dropping gorgeous. I'm praying that everything will go smoothly with the move and packing and all the stuff that goes with it!

  8. Congratulation on your wonderful news! Also for the magazine article on yourself.

  9. Congratulations on your sale - and so lucky to find what you want - where you want it. And just in time for the Queensland summer (well I know you will enjoy it) and all the wonderful quilt shop trips you might need to make - to check out our local suppliers.
    Happy packing!!

  10. Wonderful news for you, what a brilliant way to sell and buy a house all in 3days. We were on holiday in Brisbane about 4 years ago and my husbands cousin took us to the area where you have bought your house it's breathtaking.The house looks beautiful, exciting times for you, Have Fun, Don't get too stressed.

  11. How exciting.. all planned by God...His timing His blessing His plans for you. So happy for you... such a shame you'll be so far away in sunny QLD...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  12. I love seeing how God works. His timing is always perfect, even if it seems to take forever by our human standards. Congratulations on the sale of the house and finding such a wonderful new one! Love the pictures.

  13. Congratulations What an awesome God we have and it is all in His perfect timing.

  14. Congratulations on everything working out. With patience comes blessings. Your new home looks beautiful, love the big windows to let the outdoors in. Best wishes for a smooth move and that you are settled and at home soon!

  15. What wonderful news! The new house looks beautiful and will be so much fun to make into your home.

  16. Congratulations - I am happy for you and your husband and your families who will have you back home. God answers prayers with perfect timing!

  17. What wonderful news Val. The new home looks like is is a gorgeous one. I hope you will be very happy there, and I look forward to enjoying more of your lovely and inspiring designs. Sandy. :-)

  18. Congratulations! God always has perfect timing.

  19. Val,

    What wonerful news!! I too can say that God works in marvelous ways.

    I have just been accepted in a new position as a School Chaplain in a nearby town. If you have time you can read about it on my blog.

    God's blessings as you pack and move.

    God bless,

    W. Australia

  20. Congrats with your new house :-)

  21. so happy to have found your blog.........really like the could and your work........always favourites in the mags........congrats on all the house stuff working out so well.......have fun packing.......

  22. God is so good! He did the same thing for us when looking for a house and from the time we looked at it to the date of closing was ONLY 10 DAYS!!! That HAD to be God in it!!
    Your new house looks beautiful!

  23. so right Val, God does move in marvellous and mysterious ways doesn't he?? and so true that our time is not always His time!!!!
    Congratulations, and welcome back to the sunny north!!!
    Safe journey, safe packing and safe return to a wonderful new home.
    Warm Queensland hugs
    XXX Wendy :O)

  24. Wow 2 years! That's called patience and persverance. Your story was very upliftig to me. Congrats on the new house (and sell of the old one). Aren't you glad you you just walk with God and let him take care of things?

  25. Wow,what a news. How quick can it go.
    Good luck!

  26. Oh my! What wonderful news for you and your family. And you're right everything that happens is truly a gift from God. Love the windows in your new home. Wow!

    I just came across your blog and "Gift of Grace" BOM. I will definitely have to get started on it.

  27. wow......exciting to read and see. God is so good and faithful and I love also to see His hand in the details as He watches over us with love.

    All the best for the move.....
    But you are welcome to Qld...Melb/Vic is the place for me. LOL

  28. Congrats on selling your house and FINDING a lovely new home. You are right, things happen in God's time, not ours!

  29. Congratulations! It is so great being a part of God's family and seeing the wonderful things he does! Love all the pictures of your beautiful Australia, and learning about it through them! Your new house looks gorgeous and pray for a swift and smooth move.
    Looking forward to seeing your magazine article and seeing all the wonderful new patterns you will be creating in your new home!
    Stitching in Canada

  30. Wow! What a whirl wind round about face of plans!!! Right place, right time... Congrats on your exciting and unexpected changes to your holiday plans... 8-)


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