Free Pattern - Gifts of Grace Block 9

It's time to give you the last Gifts of Grace block - Block 9.  It's a bit sad to think we've come to the end of the series.  I have really enjoyed designing and sharing this project with you.  Our last block is Self control - able to marshall and direct our energies wisely.

Here is what the block looks like:

I do hope you like it.  As usual, it can be downloaded from my website hereI will leave all the blocks available for a couple more months, so tell your friends if they want to download them for free, they will need to do so soon.

Of course, I will love to see photos of what you do with the blocks.  I will show you how I finished mine off in a couple of weeks when my computer is up and running again.  I plan to have one or two free patterns for you in November and December before we start another BOM in 2011.  Well, the ideas are in my head at the moment and I'm hopeful they will become a reality! 


Now for our big news - we are officially homeless!

At the moment, we are of no fixed abode!!!!!  Sale of our house went through on Friday last week, and for two days we have had nowhere we could call home!  Tomorrow, Monday, we take possession of our new home, which will be very exciting, as you can imagine.

On Thursday last week, the removalists came and packed all our earthly goods into two containers.  They did a fantastic job, very professionally and very happily.  We could not believe how neatly they packed the containers and how smooth they made the whole process.

And here are all our things being driven off to be put on the train to travel the 2000+ kilometres to our new home.

Meanwhile, we too are heading north to lovely Queensland, a journey which is taking us three days by car.  We're almost there as I write this - only a few hundred kilometres to go!  If all goes to plan, our goods will be delivered Tuesday morning and we hope to sleep in our new home Tuesday night.  Then comes all the excitement of unpacking and finding new places to put all our gear!

Thank you to so many of you who wrote such lovely comments and e-mails, wishing us well and praying for us in our big move.  I know you understand that I haven't been able to thank you all individually, but be assured I have really appreciated your care and support at this time. 



  1. Val, it is so sweet that you take the time during your busy move to post the BOM pattern. Best of luck with everything and for Tuesday, "Welcome Home"! I am looking forward to your next patterns and the 2011 BOM. Thank you for the gift of your time and talents.

  2. Gosh - I cant imagine all out gear all packed up - I wonder how many containers I would need!! I bet you can't wait to get settled in - and I am sure there will be fun sorting it all out - Good Luck again & wiht a bit of luck the rain will stay away for a while when you are unloading the containers - what fun you will have!

  3. Hi Val have a really safe journey and I know you are going to love your new home, I love the latest Gifts of Grace pattern thankyou so much.
    Love Jillx

  4. Thanks Val. Lovely block. Will send you pics of the last three blocks. Looking forward to two more patterns and next year's BOM!

  5. Val, thank you for such a lovely series of stitcheries.... they are so pretty.
    All the best with your travels and I look forward to hearing you are in your own home and here in Queensland - sunny and spectacular after all that rain.....

  6. Val, congratulations on your new home. Hope the second half of your move goes as smoothly as the first half. Thanks for Gifts of Grace. The stitcheries are lovely. I have saved them all in the hopes that when I get a new home I will find the perfect project for them. Today I spent a few minutes looking through your blog and saw the swan photos. As with all your photos they are fantastic. For years I have collected swans (ceramic, bone, wood, fabric, photo, anything I could find) and since I started quilting I have wanted to design my own swan applique quilt. Would it be okay with you if I use your photos as a starting point? If so you can email me at: . I realize it may be quite some time before you have the opportunity to read this and respond. No hurry, I can wait. Thanks, Pam in Tacoma, WA, USA

  7. Hi Mum
    How exciting it is to have you move not so far away! It will be great to see you more regularly!

  8. I'm sad to see this delightful BOM come to an end, but so very grateful to you for offering it! I love it very, very much. Thank you, Val.

    I am praying for you on this new journey, may your new home be a place of warmth and happiness, full of God's blessings and comfort.

  9. Love the new block and so glad I got #8 finished in time. I am very excited about this quilt as I have enjoyed working on each and every block.

    I want to wish you many happy years in your new home and pray for safety for you and your husband as you travel there, and for safe delivery of all your possessions!

  10. How brave, this big move! Glad you had real help with it. I wish you the best with the unpacking adventure ahead. Chill, girl! Enjoy the new home. - Mary

  11. Thank you again for the BOM pattern. Each one gets better than the one before. Good luck on your move, how exciting!

  12. ciao Val,
    here in the netherlands it's now tuesday just fond your site loving it and want to wish u all the luck in your new house bless u

  13. hi val, thankyou for the wonderful patterns, i have only done a couple but must get back into them .hope you have fun unpacking everything in your new home. sue~ n.z.

  14. HI Val, I have just come across your blog, which a good friend told me about. Because l liked the coat hangers she made from your site. It was great to read you had removal list who took the time to pack properly. We were not so lucky. Looking forward to see more of your wonderful work.


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