January 30, 2011

More bits and pieces

Our grand-daughters have gone home now.  We had a great time together and it was delightful to teach them some of the skills that their mother said "have skipped a generation"!  Jasmine took a photo of some knitting which she finished and turned into a bag.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

Stephanie made a skirt for herself:

We took the girls to a theme park during the week and watched while they went on some terrifying-looking rides.  DH and I braved the Ferris Wheel and mini-Golf!!!  It's such a blessing to us to be able to spend some time with our grandchildren.

Seeing there hasn't been much sewing going on, I will show you some more Christmas presents that I made, so that at least there are some photos to look at!

A couple of clutch bags:

A drawer sachet.  These are great for keeping hosiery, lingerie, or handkerchiefs together:

Thanks for all the sweet comments that have kept coming this week regarding the free Consider the Lilies BOM pattern.  I haven't had a chance to reply individually, but be assured I appreciate the way you take time out to encourage me.  Your comments and e-mails certainly lift my spirits.

Penny has already finished Pattern 1.  The colours are gorgeous:

My diary is relatively clear for the next couple of weeks, so I'm hoping to get some stitching done.  There are lots of projects going around in my head at the moment!  I just need to make my mind focus on just one thing at a time.  I really don't cope with having lots of things half finished - I am a finisher!

Are you a starter or a finisher? or both?

Happy stitching!



Allie said...

Wow Val, good for you on passing on the crafty goodness, your grand-daughters' projects are wonderful!

I love the clutch bags, and the sachet. Penny's block is just gorgeous, I love the colors too! I still need to figure out my colors. I have too many projects going right now, fabric piles everywhere, I'm very close to finishing a couple then I can pick out my fabrics before I put them all away, lol. I guess I'm a serial starter.....most of my projects involve hand work, and they take me SO long, so I start several at once just so I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Jessica said...

Your grand-daughters are very clever!
I love the clutch bags. I have to admit that I am a starter, but I do get frustrated when I have a huge amount of UFO's, which is most of the time!

Ondrea said...

Val, it looks like your grand daughters are taking after their grandmother with their creativity. Clever girls!

Isabella said...

Good for you Val I would say you passed on a few other things as well as stitching

ellen said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog, Granddaughters are so precious aren't they! Also I downloaded your lilies Bom hopeful I'll make it and come back for more. Thank you for that and the free birdcage cushion pattern. Also I really liked your patterns very unique as you say pretty and practical just what I like and loved the photos of where you live. All in all I spend a delightedful hour visiting you and enjoyed it. Thanks Ellen from NY

House of Bec said...

Love the little blue bag - so cute and looks as though it would feel nice to touch.