February 20, 2011

All my Lovely Sewing Things

My project called "All my Lovely Sewing Things" is in the current issue of Australian Homespun magazine.

I love it when a design comes together straight away with no fiddling around!  I must admit I usually only have a kernel of an idea when I start a project and then I just let it evolve from there.  For me to have something all planned out on graph paper before I start, is the exception rather than the rule, and then I'm likely to change things half way through anyway! 

The upside is that I have a great sense of freedom in my creativity; the downside is that sometimes there is some reverse sewing going on because something may not be "just right".  This project was one of those where you might say I had not only the kernel, but the husk as well when I started, and so it came together beautifully and I was happy with it straight off.  I just love being creative.  I think I'm like a caged lion when I can't get to my stitching!

Homespun also did a profile on me to accompany the project, so I was very happy about that!

Meanwhile, my husband is in the very last, final, concluding, ultimate, ending stage of his text book going off for publication. This is a rework of his doctoral thesis that has been going on for more than two years. You can see that I am going to be super happy to see the end of it!  I've spent a couple of weeks helping him edit it.  It has to be totally pedantic, with commas, full stops, quotations, brackets etc. in exactly the right place. The process is heaps worse than writing up a pattern!  My mind is in a fog after concentrating so hard and the caged lion is roaring to get out!  Hopefully, only a few days more ....

I'm not good at concentrating at night, so that's been the time to get some more fete items stitched:

A batch of cupcakes

a needlecase or two

and a keyring. 

I hope to get some more keyrings finished this week and I would love to make some quick and easy bags.  One of the magazines is after some fete ideas, so I really should put my mind to designing something suitable ... once we get rid of this book! 

Happy stitching!


Quilt Kitty said...

Hi Val, you don't have to worry about designing something with the WOW factor, I think you get it spot on all the time. All My Lovely Sewing Things has gone on my 'to do' list & I've spent time shuffling through fabrics in my sewing room to find the charm squares I need. Your home is SA sounded wonderful, but I'm sure you will make the QLD one just as beautiful. Thanks & happy stitching Tracee xx

Jessica said...

Hi Val,
Your quilt is beautiful! I loved hearing about your design process.

hados90 said...

Hi Val, I have been wondering all over your beautiful blog. I purchased the latest Home Spun to check up on someone else's article and came across your stunning wall hanging. And like a lot of things l see will have to go on my list of things to do. Glad you took the trip to Lake Tinaroo as my sister always goes there on her holidays,and tells me hhow beautiful it is. This will also have to go on my other list of places to visit. Cheers

rebeka said...

Hi Val, I´m glad to meet you and your beautiful blog! I´ll see you more time since Spain.Sorry for my wrong english... My name is Rebeka and if you want to know me my blog is rebekapassionpatch.blogspot.com

ozjane@gmail.com said...

Have the magazine.....so did a little happy dance and thought I know her....well sort of....LOL.
Love the heart keyring also.

Sheila said...

Love your All My Sewing Things wallhanging and it HAS to go on my To-Do List!
Please can you tell me exactly which issue it is. I am in Spain and have no idea what the "current" issue is :)
Many thanks...

Jane in Wales said...

Congratulations for making it into the Homespun magazine. I know about the reverse sewing too, but it is part of the fun of designing, I think...:o)
I really like your quilt.

Jane in Wales said...

By the way, I am a no-reply blogger, because I prefer comments on my posts to emails. Just thought I'd let you know, as I just read what you write about no-reply bloggers.
Comments make my day too!!
(At the top of my blog is my email anyway, for those who want to email me.

Sue from Cyprus said...

Oh my Val, you have been busy :). All My Lovely Sewing Things looks so beautiful. I would definately love to do it but unfortunately, we can't get that magazine on this tiny island. However, I will see if I can get hold of a copy on the net (?).

I haven't started Consider The Lillies BOM YET, but will do so as soon as I can get through some of my unfinished projects. The trouble is, one sees so many beautiful BOM's and wants to start them all but there is simply no more hours one can squeeze into for quilt projects. I have finished the Gift of Grace BOM and the Love Is BOM and will post some piccies as soon as I can get one of my teenage kids to co-operate!!

In the meantime, Hugs
Sue from Cyprus x x x

StitchinByTheLake said...

What beautiful things - the heart key ring is my favorite I think. I'm the primary editor for my husband and three children and was all through college for all of them. It's a tedious process so I can certainly sympathize. blessings, marlene

Christine M said...

Hi Val! Another lovely quilt. I read your profile in Homespun. It's nice getting to know the backgrounds of different designers. Good luck to your husband with his thesis. I know what it's like (not that I've written one). In my previous life (before children) I used to type up medical/scientific theses! I'm sure he appreciates all your help. Hugs, Christine.

VickiT said...

Hello Val ~ I just found your blog last night and have been reading much of it. I'm in awe of how beautiful all your projects are. In reading the most recent post, yes, I can see you will be SO relieved when your husband's book goes off to print....but I'm sure you'll also be VERY proud of him at the same time.

And to you ~ a HUGE Congratulations for being in the magazine. HOW EXCITING! It appears they've done a wonderful job at profiling you and your beautiful work.

I just wanted to say hello and tell you I'm following along now and may possibly even attempt your BOM although time will tell on that one as I have so many directions I'm going right now.

vburr at charter dot net

Jytte R said...

Your quilt 'All my loving sewing things' is so beautiful. I would like to make it. Would you please tell me the No. of the Homespun Magazine, as I know I can find it even in Sweden or in Holland.
Thank you Jytte

BubzRugz said...

I am a happy homespun subscriber... I love your pattern and it was great to read a bit about you too.... love your needlework and well done to your hubz...

Isabella said...

Looks like a very you have both been very busy of late