September 11, 2011

Bags of all shapes and sizes

You might remember I did a lot of crocheting during our Australian winter. It's time now to show you some of the bags I made.  I had in mind, of course, that I had been asked to teach beginner's Crochet at the Creative Craft Retreat at the end of October. 

It's always tricky catering for different ladies - some will want to do craft for every waking moment; others will enjoy having time to relax with no children, no cooking, no cleaning and just work during the lessons. I decided I would teach Granny Squares as they are a great way to learn basic crochet techniques.  Then I set myself the challenge of making a bag with as few as possible, so that even if ladies only make three squares  in the weekend, they can still take home a finished bag.  Here is a three square bag - I worked a couple of extra rows on each square so that the bag was a reasonable size:

Then I tried a five square design:

This one is eight squares:

I rather like this ten square one:

The twelve-square bag came out an interesting shape:

Then I made a few 13 square bags.  They are a really practical tote size and the colours were fun to put together:

If you live in South East Queensland and want a fabulous weekend away, I highly recommend the Craft Retreat.  It is very reasonably priced, has great teachers (I have to say that seeing I am one!!!! - but the others are really experienced and wonderful teachers) and some fantastic crafts to learn ... or just come along and do your own thing.

I managed to get some projects finished this week.  Hurrah!!!  It seems ages since I actually finished any of my designs. There's nothing like a deadline to get some action!  Here's a little sneak peak:

And I even got round to putting a couple more patterns on my website.  The Garden Bows Cushion

can be found here for only $5.

With Sugar and Cream Table Topper is available here. 

Hope you have a great week.



simplestitches said...

love the bags especially the 13 and 10 square shapes!
your sneak peek looks lovely....

quilterliz said...

G'day Val. The bags are just lovely. Do you put a lining in them or are they finished as they are? I love the table topper. Great colors. Take care. Liz...

Marsha said...

The bags are beautiful! I really like the 13 square one, it is a great shape. As always, your patterns are wonderful, too. Enjoy the retreat, sounds like lots of fun.

Allie said...

Oh my gosh those little purses are too darling!! I thought I'd gotten my fill of granny squares, my mother made me too many hideous vests when I was in junior high school - but I really love these! Your new designs are stunning, Val!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Val, those bags look great, I do like the larger sized ones, and your patterns are gorgeous as usual! :)
I used to do a lot of granny squares once, but only made rugs!!
I have a friend who crochets nearly every night so I will have to pass on your great idea. :}

Sonia said...

Cute Bags!! You have inspired me to try to make one, one day. :)

Have a great week!

God bless and keep you,

Jo said...

Sweet crocheted bags Val.Your sneak peek photos look lovely too.