December 18, 2011

Online Workshop - and something for FREE!

This is this new project I've been working on this month - "Lilac Love".  I'll be conducting an Online Workshop with it at Patchwork Posse next year. It won't be happening till March, so why am I telling you about it now in the week before Christmas??????

BECAUSE if you register for one of the workshops this week (until Dec 24th) you will get their "Christmas Spirit" Workshop FREE!!!!  That means 12 new patterns that will all be finished and ready for next year's Christmas Season!

My Lilac Love set includes a pinushion:

a scissorkeep, personalised with your own initial:

and a needlecase:

All the workshops are offered at a great price ... but of course I hope you will want to do mine!!!!!!  (it's only $US10). Go here for the details.

I feel as if I am ready for Christmas!!!  The grandchildren decorated the tree earlier this month, all the presents are wrapped, I've worked out where everyone is going to sleep, visited the Op Shop for some extra crockery and sheets, made the Christmas pudding, written up the "House Rules" !!! and now I'm just waiting for the first lot of the family to arrive from Japan in two days' time.  Two more families arrive on Wednesday, then there'll be more coming on Friday and then Christmas Day - till all 25 of us are together!!!

My dream to have the new free Block of the Month quilt ready for hand-quilting while all of our family are here took a bit of a "downer" this week.  I fell asleep with it in my hand almost every night this week!!! ... like at 8 pm!  That's pretty much unheard of for me as I'm usually good till 10.30 pm.  Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I am usually up between 4 am and 5 in summer, and burning the candle at both ends caught up with me last week.  It could NOT be that I am getting old!!!

What I have finished is looking pretty I think.  Some teaser pics for now:

Now for a reminder!  The Consider the Lilies quilt patterns are still available for free download over on my website. 

They will be taken down on the 31st December in readiness for the 2012 pattern.  So if you haven't downloaded them yet, you have just a few days left to obtain this pattern for FREE.  I'm happy for you to tell your friends about it too.

Have a great week and don't get stressed about Christmas!


Anonymous said...

lovely post Val

Anne said...

Val - that new BOM looks so pretty! As far as getting old - absolutely not! LOL. Maybe a little wiser (hehe), not quite so energetic.....but never old.

Quilt Kitty said...

I signed up for your workshop Val. I need to learn to make more pretty things & I love yours. That BOM looks gorgeous. Gosh my 'Want To Do' list is growing every day. Merry Christmas. Tracee xx

Allie said...

Oh Val how sweet is your little new little set - that bird is darling! Your stitching just thrills me, girl. It must feel so lovely to be ready for Christmas, especially when you have so much family coming to town! Now you can relax and enjoy them! I'm totally captivated by your sneak peeks, it looks so incredibly amazing....I can't wait....

4:30am to 5am is my goal this new year. I usually go to BED at that time! But I really want to re-set my body clock and get on a good schedule. Nope, it's got nothing to do with age - not until you find yourself napping at all hours of the day, lol!

Sue from Cyprus said...

Oooh Val, this post is full of goodies!!! Your Lilac Love set is absolutely adorable!! Your new BOM looks exciting. Roll on 2012... my to do list for next year keeps growing.... and so am I!!!
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus

Rian said...

Hi Val,
What do I see, a violin in your new BOM? O,o, I think my son will like it too..... he plays the violin. I wonder if you are using more instruments.....
Loves from Holland!