She sells seashells ...

Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my projects which is in the latest Patchwork & Stitching magazine Vol 12/10.  It's a little dilly bag for taking to the beach, along with a matching sunglasses case.

We live near the beach and I just love to walk on the sand and I always have my eyes open for any shells that might have washed ashore. Years ago, in fact when we were courting, my husband and I were avid shell collectors and we spent a lot of our time working out which shell was which and classifying them.  We still have some of the rarer species of our collection and they have survived our six or seven moves!  So you can see where the inspiration for this design came from.  I called it "She sells seashells" - were you taught this tongue twister too?

It's hidden a bit on the front cover:

and here it is on the inside:

Thank you to those who have already entered my poll.  There are still 6 days to let me know whether you want to see the new free BOM quilt at the beginning of the year, or have it revealed as a surprise each month.  So far, most of you want to see it now!  I might have to work out a compromise to keep the people who "like the mystery" happy!  I better hurry up and finish the quilting and get some binding on this week so I can take some photos!  Not to speak of the pattern writing!  If all goes to plan, I hope to give you the first pattern next week. 

We farewelled six of our family on Wednesday and another six this morning, so we are down to just six left now. The place is rather quiet without little children running around!  It has been a very special time all being together.  I'm not quite back in my sewing room yet, and I feel as if my mind is still going round in circles (forgot to make a loaf of bread this morning for lunch!), but the new quilt is top of the list this week.

Meanwhile, I hope you have a great week!

Happy stitching


  1. What a sweet design, Val! How lovely to live so near the beach - that's my dream. No place better on earth. Wow, down to just six...that's amazing, your house must be VERY quiet now!

  2. lovely design Val and its lovely you had your family visit.xx

  3. What a lovely project! It is a shame they covered up the embriodery on the cover of the mag.

  4. I enjoy your designs very much :0).

    Gotta love those beach walks.

  5. Just love the little bag design! I live at the ocean, too, and I agree that it is perfect!

  6. In Sweden too we learned "She sells seashells..".

  7. Lovely design, Val. Yes we learnt that tongue twister, not as bad as Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers though-LOL. :)

  8. Another gorgeous project Val. I am looking forward to your BOM.

  9. Lovely design Val, your work is beautiful as always.

  10. Such a cute design! Looking forward to the new BOM whether a mystery or not. :)


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