April 14, 2012

Free Pattern Thoughts in Thread - Block 4

It's the month for focussing on lovely things in our free "Thoughts in Thread" Block of the month quilt. To me, one of the loveliest things in this world is a swan, so elegant and beautiful.  You might have guessed how much I like swans seeing I use a photo of them as my profile logo.

This is one of my favourite photos.  These swans were doing their courting dance, synchronising their every movement, then they separated, turned around and came together again in this beautiful formation. Of course I had to put a swan in this month's block:

Whatever things are lovely, think on these things.

 After you have appliqued and stitched the swan, there's just a little bit of simple piecing to finish off Block 4: 

 You can find the pattern on my website here.

We had a lovely time with our family here during the week.  Our talented daughter, Janelle, made this fabulous cake:

Scrumptious chocolate 'fence' around a chocolate mud cake and topped with berries - all gluten free and absolutely yummy!

I spent a lovely morning at the beach with three of the grandchildren.  Add to the fun of sand and water some grass-sliding down the huge slope to the beach and you know they had a great time.  It was about the only occasion this week that I've done much stitching - doing some hand-quilting on a Gifts of Grace quilt.

I gave my original version of the quilt away as a gift, and then decided I would really like to have one for myself.  It's been a 'no hurry' project - sitting in my sewing box for whenever I had nothing else to stitch at night in front of the TV.  It's always handy to have something like that to work on in between projects and it is quite OK that it's taken about 18 months to finish.

I managed to get another couple of hexie flowers made also:

I hope you enjoy making Block 4 and I'd love to see any photos of your blocks.  Have a great week of stitching!



KaHolly said...

Val, I love how you get your inspiration for your designs. This block is just perfect!! Thanks so very much. Glad you had such a fun time at the beach with the grandchildren.

Quilt Kitty said...

Block 4 is beyond lovely Val! Words fail me.... Tracee xx

Anonymous said...

yummy Val that cake looks awsome and what lovely projects you have on the go.xx

Teresa in Music City said...

The new block is beautiful Val! I once drew swans in an art class, and the teacher told me it was "too romantic" and then told me to draw swine. I was not very happy with her, but I did as she told me to do, and ended up with a Gold Star Merit award that year. Go figure! I still like swans MUCH better than swine :*)

PS - I just purchased your Gifts of Grace pattern! I've been meaning to do that for a while - thanks for the reminder!

Linda said...

Your Thoughts in Thread blocks are so nice. That's one of my favorite Bible verses. I have never seen your Gifts of Grace quilt, and that too is lovely. I guess it all just points to the fact that you can do a lot more designing in the future with such a wonderful resource - the Bible!

Allie said...

Oh my gosh what a gorgeous block!!!! I'm really going to enjoy stitching this one! Thank you Val!!! Your new Gifts of Grace looks so lovely, well worth the wait...I'm so very glad you're making one for yourself.

That cake looks really good. My son wanted to make me one similar to that, but it was "fenced" with Kit Kats and the top was filled with M&M's...just a little too much chocolate for me!

Judy S. said...

Very nice block, Val, thanks! You don't suppose your daughter would like to share that cake recipe, would she?

Anonymous said...

You have done a lot! I really like the new block. That's one of my favorite quotes. That cake looks so good!

Ondrea said...

THanks again for the BOM pattern Val. Love those hexies you have made. so sweet.

Susie said...

That swan is so graceful! What an amazing cake!