May 6, 2012

Soccer, Sorting and Stitching!

We looked after two of our grandsons for a short time this week and one of our duties was to take them to Soccer - one boy to play and the other to watch. Just about my first thought was, "What handwork can I take to do while I watch the game? It had to be something that could survive the outdoor conditions, that requires no concentration and that doesn't need good light.  It certainly wasn't going to be the elegant silk ribbon and rosebud embroidery I've been working on:

And I had finished this stitchery earlier in the week:

Then I remembered all that wool that I had over from last year when I made lots of Granny Square Bags. I could make a crochet ripple blanket.  It's a great project for using up left-over wool, it's a 'not much brain required' project and seeing it's 8 ply wool, the stitches are big so I don't need brilliant light to see what I'm doing. We have a long train journey planned in a couple of months time, so it would be an ideal project to work during that trip too.  So it was time for SORTING to see what colours would suit and whether I had enough to complete the blanket. Out came all my pretty colours ... and a few rows later, tada:

I'm now feeling like just relaxing and doing row after row curled up in my recliner! Discipline is called for and I need to finish the three designs I am currently working on and keep my crochet project for that long train trip!

Back to the Soccer, our grandson (No 5) played a great game and even scored a goal:

 It brought back lots of memories as my father was a soccer coach of a Junior YMCA team and my brother played in the team.  I spent many a Saturday afternoon on the side line cheering the team on.

My new computer still hasn't arrived, so there was time to do plenty of stitching and I was able to finish off this sewing folder:

The front cover has to be kept hidden away at the moment - but husband really liked it when he saw it!

I also had time to put another couple of patterns on the website.  You might remember these:

She Sells Seashells Dilly Bag and Sunglasses Case:

available here

and the Showers and Flowers Cushion:

available here

One of the jobs on my list this week is to prepare the next block in the free Block of the Month "Thoughts in Thread" pattern. Keep an eye out for it next weekend.

Meanwhile, happy stitching!


  1. As always your work is so beautiful.

  2. lovely post Val and lovely stitching.xx

  3. Now stop that Val, you're making me want to crochet, lol! That's all I did before quilting, and now it hurts my wrists really bad. But I miss it!! Your afghan is looking so pretty. I LOVE your patterns...can't wait to see the front of that sewing folder, the inside is gorgeous!
    Congrats to your grandson on scoring a goal!!

  4. Yep - knitting and crocheting ar great for outdoors, maybe uncomfortable conditions - even standing up - you can still knit & crochet!

  5. Your sewing folder is awesome - looking forward to seeing more :)

  6. Ahh, the joys of having grandsons! I'm not a sports fan, but make allowances when it's for a grandchild's game. I really like your crocheting. Pretty colors. I haven't crocheted since the mid-70's, and I don't know anyone who does. It's nice to see it again.

  7. Love the ripple blankie....did you follow a pattern, the only ones I've done have holes and I'd love to find one that doesn't have any...for something different! Great colours you had in your 'stash'

    Love the sewing folder too.


  8. I have just taken up crochet for the 3rd tme in my life and this time I have had success. I love that ripple blanket you are doing and the colours are fantastic. I must look for that pattern. I have always knitted and knit for charity regularly in a weekly knitting group. So now I have crochet, knitting, patchwork, quilting and stitching all to get done. It is really nice to see all your lovely work. Thanks so much.

  9. Sehr schön der Nähordner, schaue mir gerne ihren wunderschönen Blog an.

    liebe Grüße

  10. Hi Val, Your rug looks wonderful already. A work in progress. It reminds me that we are a work in progress & that every now & then the Lord gives us glimpses of what our new Home will be like. So you see your work in progress encourages me on my journey here below. Thank you for your treasured inspiration! God bless, Catherine Colquhoun? Irishangel.

  11. Wonderful photos of your journey - thanl you for sharing these & your designs. Always a delight to look forward to.


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