September 30, 2012

The sewing machine is still packed away!

Yes, we've been home five days and the sewing machine is still tucked away in its cabinet!  I do have something to show you, however, because the latest Australian Handmade magazine is on the streets and my "Love came down at Christmas" table runner is in it. Christina Rossetti wrote the poem of the same name in 1885 and it was part of the Christmas Carol tradition of my youth, thus the inspiration for this pattern.

My runner has the first couple of lines of the poem embroidered on each end. The design is simple but I wanted to show off the lovely pack of charm squares ... and I can't remember the name of the fabric range!  My usual system of recording what I do with each of my purchases went out the window with this one and the fabric was purchased last year, so the name escapes me!  I'd be happy to hear from you if you know!

Apart from being busy and having some unexpected things land on my plate this week, I decided I really needed to tackle some of my "To Do" list. I have been wanting for ages to make some more of my designs available on my website, so this was the week to do it. You've seen these before in Australian magazines, but they are now available for purchase online, which should help my international readers:

The other reason that I haven't done any sewing is that Spring fever has hit my household!!! Now that the weather is warmer, I am seeing all the mould and grime of winter everywhere, so out has come the Springcleaning list!  In deference to my age, I have decided to spend just half of each day for the next few weeks tackling the big cleanup.  It will spread it out a bit, but gone are the days when I am happy to spend the WHOLE day cleaning! That way I can get some stitching done too!

First area to be done was the entertaining area.  We have a fabulous large under-cover outdoor area. 

From inside the house:

See how clean the pavers look now that I have cleaned them:

Now to stick to my plan for the rest of the house!

Happy stitching!


Cheryll said...

You can entertain in cleanliness now (although it probably wasn't THAT bad before)... and I just LOVE red roses. Beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely projects Val and happy spring cleaning.xx

Allie said...

Lovely Val, what a great Christmas runner! Sorry I can't help with the name of the fabric. Love your Maisie's Market Garden. Are your patterns available as pdf's?

I need to do my autumn cleaning, all the big spiders are feeling the cold and moving in. I don't want them getting cozy, lol. Your patio looks so pretty! And it sounds like the perfect plan to me, I never clean all day anymore - this old body can't take it!

Céline said...

I love your realisations, very pretty, Céline from France

Corina said...

Lovely! I love the roses set. Happy spring cleaning ;-) I just started a bit on autumn cleaning...

Ondrea said...

Val, I was thinking how clean your windows are! Want to come around to my place?

Susan said...

Good luck with the cleaning - rather be sewing...

Kiara said...

Hi! My name is Kiara and I live in Chile. I have recently "discovered" your blog... you make such beautiful things!!
I think that the fabrics you used for your table runner could be an old line by 3 Sisters called Park Avenue, does it make sense?
I really love that table runner and, as a literature-lover, I adore the idea that it was inspired by a poem by Christina Rossetti... it seems the perfect Christmas project I was looking for!
Do you have any idea of where I could find a copy of the magazine to be sent to Chile? ... or how else could I get to do it (the table runner)?
Thank you and congrats for your job