November 25, 2012

Week 4 - Free Pattern

We're over half way now in our Seven Weeks of Christmas Giving!

This week I have some Christmas ornaments to share with you. I designed them to be hung over door knobs, because that's a place that I don't very often see decorated for Christmas!

Of course, you can hang them wherever suits your fancy! You could reduce the pattern a little if you are making them to hang on a smaller Christmas tree.  As usual, go to my website to download the file.

I have to admit this is about the closest I have come to thinking about Christmas this year.  Wow, just four weeks today - I had better get my skates on! At least some of the decorations are sorted and I did buy Suet to make our traditional Christmas pudding.  It's made from a recipe which has been handed down through quite a few generations in our family.

I wasn't in the right queue when the cooking gifts were handed out ... but I CAN make a fabulous Christmas pudding! I don't really enjoy baking and I'm not good at it, though my family very kindly tell me there's nothing wrong with my cooking! So my design in the latest issue of Australian Homespun Magazine (Vol 13/11) is more wishful thinking than reality!

"Baking Day"

There's lots of applique:

Plenty of embellishments:

Don't you love my little spoon?:

Lot of little stitchery bits:

I think this apple pie is my favourite block:

 Sorry about all the photos - I couldn't get the collage-maker to work properly to group them together! Homespun Magazine is now published in a digital version too if you live overseas and want to purchase it.

 The designing pencil has been out a lot this week and a couple of new projects are forming on paper. I did lots of browsing on the internet too.  Two of my favourite fabric suppliers e-mailed me to let me know they were offering big discounts this week.  How could I refuse their offer?  I'm now eagerly waiting for two lovely squishy parcels!

I've also been making a few other bits and pieces. If you're on Facebook, you might like my page  I often put things on there that don't appear on my blog.

Keep an eye out for next week's free pattern - it will be something very practical for you to make for yourself or as a gift.

Happy stitching!


-girl from the bush said...

Hi Val, Love the door ornys! Think I will have a go at these. thanks for the pattern. sue~nz

Christine M said...

Lovely decorations Val. Hopefully I'll get the chance to make some. If not this Christmas, then maybe the next!

Cheryll said...

Oh I just love the cooking quilt... so cute! Also I will definitely make a few of these door swingers!
Thanks again Val! :)

Kate said...

Fab baking day quilt. Thanks for the door hangers project - great idea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ornament pattern! Actually, I like the pictures this way lots better than the collage way - that's too busy for my eyes and I don't look at them very much. Your Baking Day quilt project is great for any time of year, and I'm going to investigate where to find the downloadable version of the magazine. Thanks for the tip.