November 11, 2012

Week Two - Free Pattern

It's Week Two of our Seven Weeks of Christmas Giving and I have not one but FOUR patterns for you today. It's a set of four different drink bottle carriers:

These carriers are a great way to carry a 600 ml water bottle hands-free!

There's a stylish one for the ladies:

The one for the boys has a train on it:

The girls will love to have one with butterflies:

and there's even one for Dad with fish on it:

 If you like to carry a larger water bottle, then you can easily enlarge the pattern to suit.

You can download the pattern from my website.  The file will be available for just one week then will be removed and replaced with another free pattern.

We spent a lovely day yesterday with some friends from interstate.  Ann is a very keen birdwatcher so we took her to some of our favourite local spots and in spite of grey drizzly weather, we still saw more than 50 species.  We live in an amazing area and love to share it with our friends. I had made up a presentation of photos of many of our local birds, so we enjoyed watching that on our large TV after we'd finished walking around the bush.

Our resident Buff-banded Rail appeared on cue.

Earlier in the week, a lovely recently bereaved friend invited a small group of us to a morning High Tea to thank us for our help and involvement in the funeral.  It was a delightful time and the food was amazing.  I wished I'd taken my camera!  I reckon everyone ate much more than they normally would because there were two of each beautiful delicacy on tiered plates and each plate was just for two people!  Needless to say, I didn't need any lunch!

I managed to get a little bit of stitching done this week - in between a few nana naps - still catching up after Craft Retreat where a few of us exist on just a couple of hours sleep!  Then I started on a new project!  I like to do my hand stitching in front of the TV at night (I couldn't bear to watch TV at all if I didn't have something to do with my hands!), so I like to have a machining project for the day. I'm making a pretty apron  which is coming together quite sweetly.

Three magazines arrived this week and each one had one of my projects published in it! Today I'd like to show you my Strolling Through the Garden sewing set.

It's the first time I've covered a tape measure so I was quite delighted with how it turned out.

Here's the project on the editorial page:

   and in the magazine:

(Don't you love the little set of drawers in the background?)

We're off up country this week to see four of our grandchildren and attend their school's Award Night.  I wonder if all four will receive an Award????

Look out for another free pattern next week!



Vicki said...

Thank you Val, it is very generous of you to share your patterns. I have download this pattern to make some for Christmas presents. Vicki

Cheryll said...

Another very useful idea and pattern Val. Thanks again for sharing and I'll be here again next week! Cheers :)

Marilyn C said...

Thank you Val, Just found your site and downloaded your pattern for the lovely bottle carriers. They will make great gifts for christmas. I will visit regularly. Cheers Marilyn

Encarna said...

Thank you very much, all your patterns are very beautiful!

Martina said...

Oh thank you so much! This is such a lovely and useful pattern. Great for gifts!

Gayle said...

Thank you for this wonderful pattern, I am sure that it will be well used.

Carla Fiedler said...

Thank you! This is a lovely gift idea!