January 27, 2013

More new designs happening

I'm a bit of a recluse and quite happy not to leave my nest. Since Christmas I seem to have been out more than at home and this week was much the same.  There was only one day when I didn't have to go out, but thankfully three of my trips were quick ones, so I was able to spend a good amount of time designing and stitching. I spent nearly a whole day on one design, did all the preparation, applique etc and then threw it all out!!! The dream and the end result were two very different things on that one!

This one, on the other hand, has come together even better than I imagined.  I've been working on the appliques and stitching detail in between other projects and now it's all pinned ready for hand-quilting:

It uses the great new fabric range from 3 Sisters, called Double Chocolat. I'm rather fond of their fabrics and just couldn't resist this range.

Talking of fabric ranges, I had a small amount of Butterscotch and Roses fabric by Fig Tree left over after I had finished the new free BOM "Apples of Gold" quilt. There was just enough to make this lovely set which will be off to a magazine soon:

And here's another new design!  Our very talented daughter in Japan thought I needed a new business card to go with my new website.  She was right of course, and then she turned around and designed this for me:

Love it!

Don't you think it is really me?!

 We've had the Australian Open Tennis tournament on TV this week, so it was a great opportunity to try out these gorgeous silk threads from Kacoonda which I received just before Christmas. I don't know about you, but I could never watch TV without having some stitching in my hand. 

The threads were just beautiful to work with and I had a number of different weights of thread which I used in my design. The colours produced by hand-dying are just delightful.  You couldn't NOT do beautiful work with these threads! I can't wait to try out their ribbons and felt now.

At the moment, I'm looking out the window and wondering what weather we are in for next.
You've got to love Australia - bushfires one week, floods the next! Our drought has broken and we have had LOTS of rain and now we're going to be hit by tornadoes! All on our Australia Day weekend too! Sounds like good stitching weather!

Have a great week.


Kate said...

Val, your threads are beautiful and the business cards definitely say you. Your daughter knows you well. :)

Christine M said...

Yes, those business cards are definitely you Val! Your stitching is lovely. I haven't seen those threads before.

Susan said...

Love your business cars - absolutely so "YOU". Love the sneak peak with the house - projects with houses get em every time...the embroidery looks gorgeous and so sad for all that you work you threw out.
Fingers crossed your tornado is relatively minor - My daughter & SIL live in Bargars (Bundaberg) and they are away at the moment so we are still waiting to hear how badly they have been affected.

Teresa in Music City said...

What great designs - you always do such lovely things Val! Those silk threads look positively sinful in their shiny promise. I must try them out sometime :*) We are in winter here in Nashville, Tennessee, and I am wistfully awaiting spring. Hope you stay safe and enjoy your holiday weekend.

Ondrea said...

THose business cards are awesome! You have a very talented daughter. Love your projects.

Patty C. said...

I love your designs :) And, Your business cards are just perfect ;)

Teresa said...

You really have had some weather extremes! As usual I love all your designs and patterns. The threads are beautiful.