January 6, 2013

New year - new concepts!

I'm not into making New Year's resolutions - I would never keep them - but there have been a few new things happening this week within Val Laird Designs!

I have a commissioning for a Bag to be made by the end of this month and I really wanted to make something that I hadn't tried before.  Out came the tape measure and the pen and paper and I had soon worked out the sizes to cut the various pieces.  I decided it would be sensible to make a sample seeing it wasn't a tried and tested pattern ... and we have a new bag!

I was very pleased with how my satchel turned out.  I'll probably do that pattern to the death now!!!

The next BIG NEW thing that has been happening is that our daughter has been stirring the pot about my old website!  She is studying a Masters degree in Leading Innovation and Change!  I don't know about the "Leading" bit - I think there has been a bit of pushing and shoving - and she sure has been on about Change! 

I had to agree with her that the website needed a bit of an update, so hours of work on the computer ... and we have a new website!

You won't have to look far for it, because it's all attached to this blog.  Can you see all the headings under
 "Finding your way around"
up on the sidebar?
That's where you will find all my patterns now - much easier to access, bigger photos, quicker downloads, easier for me to maintain. I hope you'll have a browse and give me some feedback. Now, it is NOT finished yet.  I still have a few things to do on it and a couple of problems to sort out, but if you find anything that doesn't work or that you hate, please let me know!

You will find a new section too, "Ready-mades". This is the place where I am selling some of my hand-crafted originals.  So if you run out of time to make a gift for someone, this is your opportunity to purchase a unique one-off item.  And I am offering free postage worldwide!

The other NEW thing to talk about is the

  2013 FREE Block of the Month quilt.

It will be launched next week, so as usual you can expect one new block at the beginning of the third week of each month.  I have really enjoyed designing and making this new project for you and I am quite delighted with how it has turned out.


So keep an eye out next week when I will show you the completed quilt.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

I had better go and do some more work on the website now that I've told you to go and have a look!

Have a great week.


Christine M said...

Lovely bag Val. I like you new look. It's very easy now to find what you are looking for.

Quilt Kitty said...

Gosh you have been busy Val. I love the new bag & have been thinking for awhile I need one of that shape. The seank peeks of the 2013 BOM look pretty as usual, can't wait to see the rest. Tracee xx

FlourishingPalms said...

Your web pages look really nice. Can't wait to see your 2013 BOM. Have a wonderful 2013 yourself!

Kate said...

Your sidebar is fabulous!! I'm looking forward to your 2013 BOM; your new bag is very stylish. You're off to a great start for 2013!

Rian said...

A new pattern? The sneek preview you showed on the blog, i like it. I think it will be something like the lilies. Lets see next week.
My consider the lilies are almost finished. I have to do just some more quilting. At the end I will mail some photos.
Greetings from holland,

sunny said...

THe bag looks wonderful, as does the new BOM. Can't wait to see the rest of it.

Heike said...

Wow, I'm exciting to see the new BOM.

Susan In Texas said...

Love your new blog updates! I found the way you have set up your store very easy (and fast!) to use. I think that's a lovely way to start the new year.

Ondrea said...

Oh Val! What a brave woman you are! I hate having to master something on the computer and then have to relearn it all. But, having said that, your blog is much easier to get around. I am so looking forward to the BOM this year as always. Your daughter has done a wonderful job.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I noticed the change in the site right away! and the bag looks great!

Allie said...

Love your new bag, Val, and congratulations on the new look around here! I hate making changes myself, I think I need your daughter, lol. I'm very much looking forward to your new bom!!!