Giveaway Time!

It's time to have a Giveaway to celebrate the publishing of my 100th design. 
(More about this occasion here.)

I have a little parcel of goodies as a prize:

There's this pretty satchel which I showed you a few weeks ago:

a little embroidered felt pincushion and matching scissor-keep:

and some fabric from the Rue St Germaine range - approx 60 x 2½ inch squares and 20 x 5 inch charm squares:

 Entry is simple. This is a giveaway for anyone who is a follower of my blog.  Just leave a comment at the end of this post to go into the draw.  Entries will close at midnight Saturday 2nd March (Australian time).
Edit: A reminder: I use Comment Moderation (so you don't have to guess Blogger identity numbers and letters) so your comment will not appear until after I have verified it. 
Also, my apologies if your comment can't be seen!  I accidentally pressed the wrong button and more than 40 comments have not been published!  However, be assured I have them all still and you have been entered in the giveaway, even though you can't see them below!.

I didn't ever get round to showing you another of my projects - a 4 inch fabric box called "For a Rainy Day".  It features two of my favourite design elements - applique and roses:

It's in Embroidery and Cross Stitch Magazine, Vol 20 No 7.  That's it in the centre of the bottom row:

I have always loved umbrellas:

especially when they are filled with silk ribbon and grub roses:

I think this is my favourite side:

Last week didn't turn out as planned so there wasn't much stitching done.  However, I did get my skates on and prepared the patterns for two of my designs that I have shown you before.  They are both now available for purchase on the website.

Buckets of Love:

 This is my Country:

They can both be found on the wall-hanging page.

I had to see a Specialist on Friday for my annual check-up. Thankfully, everything was fine.  In our conversation he wanted to know what I do to keep busy in my retirement. The outcome is that I now have official medical sanction for my craft addiction!  He told me to keep doing it as it is good for my health!   LOVE IT!

I had better finish before I am tempted to put any more photos in this post!

Happy stitching!

Free BOM - Apples of Gold - Block 2

I often tell readers who leave comments on my blog how much they have encouraged me. In the harsh world in which we live, it's easy to get weighed down with worry, disappointment, even despair.  It's at those times that my spirit is lifted by an encouraging word. 

That's our focus for Block 2 in the free Apples of Gold quilt pattern!  Our verse for this month comes from Proverbs 12:25:

Worry weighs a person down;
an encouraging word cheers a person up.

It's a quick little stitchery block surrounded by some very simple piecing. I used chain stitch on the leaves for variety and it helps make them stand out too.

I hope you like this new block.  You can download it here.
Don't forget to share my Apples of Gold button on your blog and tell your friends.  All the blocks in this free quilt will be available for the whole year.

Do you remember the Thoughts in Thread quilt from last year? It hangs on the wall above my sewing machine.  I have a wonderful cabinet for my machine, but truth is, I use it so much, that I tend to leave it up and exposed.  It really needed a cover to keep the dust out and I had a few bits and pieces over from the quilt, so ....

The Stitched with Love Sewing Machine cover:

It is in the wonderful Australian Patchwork & Stitching magazine Vol 13 No 12.

and made the cover:

Lots of appliqued goodies in my sewing basket:

I plan to have my Celebratory Giveaway next week - so stay tuned.

I hope you give and receive lots of encouraging words this week.

Happy stitching!

Celebrating 100!

No, I'm not that old!  And no, it's not my one hundredth post.  And no, I have a few more than 100 followers.

I am celebrating having my one hundredth design published!

Here it is - a wall-hanging called "Calista Cottage":

I am so glad that it worked out that this particular design was number 100.  It has so many elements that epitomise my style - applique and embroidery that is sweet and pretty with a bit of cuteness added!

On top of that, it is in one of Australia's most fantastic craft magazines - Country Threads. See it in the top right corner: 

and here inside the magazine:

Now, as if that wasn't enough cause for celebration, this particular issue of the magazine (Vol 13 No 10) also has my profile in it.

Never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine where my craft might take me!  I have been truly blessed.  I still get a thrill every time I see one of my designs in print! Some days I almost need to pinch myself to make sure that it is all really happening. I am still amazed that magazine editors think my projects are worth publishing, but I am ever so happy about it! 

I am going to have a Giveaway to celebrate, but I need a couple of weeks to get my feet back on the ground and get it organised - so stay tuned.

We spent the weekend away visiting our daughter and getting lots of hugs from four grandchildren. It is always such a joy to be with family, isn't it. I managed to get another design completed before we went away, but just a sneak peak for now:

Do you remember my Seven Weeks of Christmas giving?  I thought you would like to see what Carla has done with the Christmas door-knob ornaments:

Carla made two sets and had a play with some different stitches:

I always love seeing what you have all done with my designs.

Next week will be Apples of Gold time again with the next block in this free block of the month quilt, so don't forget to come back to collect it.

Happy stitching!

Buckets of Love

Many Australians who had been evacuated from rising flood waters are now able to go back to their homes - or what is left of them.  The devastation has been overwhelming and so many people have lost everything.  Some houses were completely washed away so that there is not even a chance of rescuing some of their treasures. It is really heart-wrenching to see it on TV. As usual, Australians are opening their hearts and hands and pouring buckets of love into the situation.  

And "Buckets of Love" is what I had entitled my wall-hanging which is in the latest issue of Australian Country Threads magazine, Vol 13, No 9. That's it in the centre:

And here it is in the magazine:

I don't know whether there are other people like me, but I really enjoy eating strawberries, but I don't like strawberry flavoured anything, so I avoid, for example, pink icecream!  Maybe I just like the real thing! Here's some big fat juicy strawberries in one of my buckets with a fancy handle:

Of course there are some flowers in another bucket:

and here's the love reminder:

This one is my favourite - a bucket of vegetables. You can almost pick this one up with its handle hanging down.  That's one of our Queensland Blue pumpkins next to the bucket!:

Yes, it uses the Butterscotch and Roses fabric range. The left-over bits and pieces went towards making the 2013 free Block of the Month quilt "Apples of Gold".

 We had planned last week to travel to visit our daughter who lives about three hours from us, but it had to be called off because of impossible driving conditions and roads cut due to the cyclone and floods. So what was I to do with three extra days in my week???  Make roses of course!

Fabric ones: 

and if you look closely you will see some embroidered ones too:

Now we're hoping for good weather later this week so we can go and spend some time with our family. Meanwhile, I need to be disciplined and write up all these new patterns that I have sewn!

Happy stitching!