Off on a Tangent

Life has been a bit "Off on a Tangent" in the last couple of weeks!  On top of all my birthday surprises,  we celebrated our wedding anniversary and have had various members of our family staying with us for some extra time.  It's all good - but different!

Various magazines have been arriving in my letterbox and I've hardly had a chance to open them.  I did have a look at Country Threads Vol 13 No 12 because it had my table runner on the cover:

and you can see what I called it - "Off on a Tangent":

It has ric rac swags between the needle-turned flowers.  With all that cream fabric, it even looks a little bit modern - probably the closest I'll get to that style of quilting!

In between all the family visits, I packaged up four designs for Australian magazines. I was very happy to have all the patterns, samples, templates etc completed by the deadline, because my hubbie and I are going away for five days with our local Birdwatching club.  It's always more relaxing when I don't have the "Things to do" list hanging over my head! I'm also looking forward to catching up on some craft magazine reading while we travel :)

I'm giving the record for the fastest stitching of one of my free designs to Marie Christine who writes the most delightful comments in French on my blog. Just eight days after I had shared the Watering Can stitchery, this photo arrived in my e-mail box:

Thank you for showing us your lovely adaptation of my pattern, Marie Christine. I love seeing what you all do with my designs, so feel free to share them with us.

I hope you have a great week with lots of stitching!


  1. I love that table runner of your's Val. When I got my copy, it really caught my eye and is another on my "to do list"! Happy anniversary too! Hugs, Christine

  2. Merci Val de me mettre a l'honneur,il est vrai que vos modéles sont particulierement sympa,le tissus et le design me plaisent a chaque fois.
    Doux dimanche a bientot
    M Christine

  3. Off on a Tangent is just lovely! I love the rick-rack; it goes so well with your beautiful needle-turned flowers. Gorgeous!

    Happy birding,
    Susan in Texas

  4. congrats! so proud for you! Beautiful table runner.

  5. Wow! You have been SEW busy Val!!!! Congrats on all your newly published projects.

  6. Oh it's my mum!!!! Thank you very much!!!. We love your blog, kiss from france. Céline


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