Surprises, Surprises!

I've had a week full of surprises! 

A few months ago, one of our daughters asked me what did I want to do to celebrate my birthday this year. I replied "have my family around me".  We have one son who lives near us, a daughter who lives three hours away, another son a couple of thousand kilometres away and then a daughter living even further away - overseas in Japan.

I was overjoyed that our nearby son and his family and our 3-hours away daughter and her family were all coming for my birthday dinner on Tuesday, and because it was school holidays, I was going to see them on and off for the rest of the week. My talented daughter, Janelle, presented me with my first surprise - this fabulous cake she had made:

Isn't it just gorgeous?  She modelled it on my Calista Cottage wall-hanging which was very special as it was my one hundredth design to be published:

My next surprise was that the doorbell rang just after 9 in the morning - rather early to have someone at the door. What I received next was an absolutely HUGE surprise. There on the doorstep was our daughter from Japan, with her husband and oldest son!!!! How it was all organised for them to be here, without me having even the slightest hint that anything was going on, I will never know.

 Can you imagine how lovely it has been for me to have so many of our family around?

Saturday morning, the doorbell rang again and I was in for yet another BIG surprise. On the doorstep this time was our son from Melbourne! Again, I was totally in the dark and didn't have a clue that he was coming.  He was able to stay for the whole weekend, so it was party time again - not that it had ever stopped as we seem to have been celebrating the whole week! To be able to spend time with all four of our children has been just so special.

Janelle produced yet another surprise.  She couldn't have her brother miss out on sharing in a birthday cake, so she had made another cake, and hidden it away to be produced just at the right time:

This one is based on my "Fan-ciful" design:

It's definitely been the best birthday I have ever had!

One day I'll come down off cloud nine and do some more stitching and give you the next block in the Apples of Gold free quilt pattern!



  1. How wonderful! Love the cakes - and how hard was it to hide the second one?? Must have been one of those "0" birthdays...
    PS - Happy Birthday!!

  2. Val that must have been the best birthday ! What a lovely family you have . Belated birthday wishes x

  3. How absolutely wonderful! and the cakes, such a talent!

  4. Happy birthday Val. What a wonderful week of surprises for you. And what can I say about those cakes! Obviously talent runs in the family.
    Hugs, Christine xx

  5. Such a swell birthday you had ... you have a wonderful family. Happy Birthday!

  6. It was so great to surprise you! Glad you had the best birthday ever. Hiding the second cake was definitely tricky!

  7. Happy, happy birthday! What a great celebration. The cakes and the quilting are fabulous.

  8. What wonderful birthday surprises, Val, I'm so happy for you. That cottage cake is unbelievable!!! How on earth did she make it stay up with such sharp angles? She must be a professional baker. The fan cake was gorgeous too.

    Happy Birthday,
    Susan in Texas

  9. Belated Happy Birthday Val! Was it a milestone birthday, as Susan suggested above? The cakes are gorgeous; your family must have inherited your creative talents! I turn 65 today (Monday) but apart from going out to lunch with friends today, and out to dinner tonight with Hubby and another couple, there's nothing exciting on the horizon for me...I'm hoping to get a new sewing machine at the Quilt convention, but that's hardly a birthday present. More of a necessity!

  10. Hi Val. happy happy birthday. What is your birthday-date, our eldest son was born April 13th, yesterday 14 years ago.
    What a great surprise did you receive, with the visit of your children.
    Hope you have had a great time together!

  11. This sounds like the most wonderful birthday one could wish :-). Belated happy birthday to you.

  12. What a wonderful birthday! Two cakes and all your children.

  13. Thats just wonderful Val - I'm sure all you're children enjoyed being around you as much as you them. Awesome cakes....two talented girls in the family!

  14. It sounds better than wonderful...
    it sounds PERFECT!
    Happy birthday Val!
    One to remember for sure! WOW!!!!! :)

  15. Muchas muchas felicidades, que mejor que disfrutarlo al lado de los seres mas especiales y amados, los hijos, el marido, la hermosa familia, tus regalos bellísimos, eres un ser de gran inspiración, Dios te bendiga.


  16. Ahh Val this is wonderful. I know how you feel once they start their own life it is far and few between that you can put your head on your pillow one night and say thank you lord I have all my children under one roof....what a blessing.

    Quel magnifique moment vous avez du passer,du bonheur dont vos enfants vous ont gatée.
    Vous avez beaucoup de chance d'avoir une famille si génereuse.
    Amitiées,je vous embrasse également
    Marie Christine

  18. How delightfully wonderful for you! You have the most thoughtful children, to spend time with you, and to bake such marvelous cakes! Those cakes are smashing, and I'm sure they tasted as good as they look. This must have been a very special birthday (like #40?) for them to have gone to such lengths to be with you. There's no doubt you're a very special mum. My belated, but very happy birthday wishes to you!

  19. Happy belated birthday :-)
    The cakes look amazing!!!
    Definately to good to eat !!!

  20. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Happy Day!

  21. Thank you for sharing your wonderful birthday surprises with us. I can imagine the joy you must still be feeling to have your children with you, all the planning it took to collect everyone. Your daughter's cakes are spectacular, and how lovely that she patterned them after your beautiful designs.
    Happy Birthday wishes :)

  22. Happy belated birthday :) And hoorah to your loving family for creating a most wonderful birthday for you, my eyes are moist :) Your friend in North Carolina, USA

  23. Happy Birthday and what a wonderful and talented family you have. Love the birthday cakes too.

  24. What a wonderful birthday, and a wonderful week. Your cake-baking daughter is so talented! Thank you for sharing your good surprises with us. Happy Birthday!


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