May 19, 2013

One of those weeks!

Yes, it's been one of those weeks!  I used to have a friend who mispronounced the word 'frustration'.  He used to say 'flustration'.  Now I really think that is a GREAT word because it combines getting flustered with all the frustrations!  And that's been my week!

On Tuesday at lunch time, our internet suddenly stopped working. Oh well, that happens occasionally, so a reboot of the modem and everything will be fine.  NOT THIS TIME!  I spent the rest of the week trying every conceivable isolation test, talking with our Internet Service Provider, contacting the Modem technician, back and forth to my clever IT specialist son, going to the shop and buying a new modem, and reconfiguring modems till I nearly knew all the settings by heart - all without success!

We had to go interstate at the end of the week for a couple of days, so I came home yesterday with a sinking feeling in my stomach knowing I had to face the problem yet again. I virtually turned everything on and it worked! It seems that there must have been something wrong with the phone line to our home and it has come good again.  HAPPY!!! 

Needless to say, there hasn't been much stitching happening, but I did spend an afternoon quilting a table runner so it will be ready for next week's deadline.  I do have something to show you though.  This is my favourite design published this year - my Walk in the Park satchel.

... pretty pink roses fabric surrounding a sweet stitchery with plenty of grub roses to keep me happy.

I love umbrellas:

You can find the pattern in Country Threads magazine, Vol 14 No 1.

I don't cope with non-productive weeks very well, so I'm hoping to produce a bit more next week!  On my list are two projects to do the binding.  I'm a finisher, so I love binding as it signifies that just about everything is complete and it soon will be finished.  That means I can start on something new!

Have a great week yourself!


Jo in TAS said...

I've just been through the same thing, 4 callouts from Telstraa and finally we have a new (temporary) line to the house, Contractors will eventually come and install it properly. It was an old copper line that was most likely damaged and it had finally given up. Internet is working so much quicker now, we used to lame our son thinking all his gaming was making it slow or using up our data. We had. 100gb monthly limit but it turns out we've never used more than 30gb a month so now I've also reduced our phone/internet plan and paying less.
Love your stitcheries, always so pretty!

Christine M said...

Computers can be so annoying! Love the bag Val.

Lynn B said...

Hi Val,

I love this design, I have contacted my supplier of these mags and ordered it, just love it!
I looove parasols, very pretty.

sunny said...

Computers are evil!
But a necessary evil, or I wouldn't be 'talking' to you right now. My DH is an IT guy, and can usually fix anything, but it's flustrating and time-consuming when there's a problem. Happy you're back up and running. Beautiful stitchery.

Pensée et Lavande said...

Bonjour Val,
Je ne dirais que cela!
Une rose ,est une rose ,merveilleux petit sac.
Doux week end

Anonymous said...

I love those designs. I'm SO glad your internet is back up! It feels so cut off when we lose it now that we are used to it.

Cihan said...

cok guzel herseyyyyyyy
sevgiler bahcemden

Ondrea said...

So sorry you had so much trouble with the internet. I love the pretty satchel you have made.