June 30, 2013

Bedazzled by beads

I have a growing collection of beads - all shapes and sizes - but I'm not into beading!  I really wouldn't have a clue about crimps and findings and grommets and jump rings. I buy other people's necklaces and bracelets and wear the lovely items my grandchildren make me, but I've never made one for myself - and really don't have any intention of learning how!

But I LIKE beads and I enjoy using them in my designs. They are great for the centre of flowers:

or for highlighting spider web roses:

Beads are perfect to portray the tips of the umbrella arms:

and as decorations on pretty parasols:

Beads are a great replacement for French Knots in all sorts of places such as on sweet butterflies:

They make lovely holly berries:

 and Christmas tree baubles:

and decorate Christmas bells:

and they look pretty in the centre of sequins:

Recently, I needed to purchase some more pretty beads as I didn't have anything suitable to make this bead dangle for my latest project:

After I had chosen what I needed, all the new packets of beads were thrown into my bead storage system - an ice cream container and a box and tin or two - a complete mess of packets, plastic, film containers and tablet bottles with beads flying everywhere!

I am a neat and tidy person - can't stand living in a mess - but I have been regularly hiding that mess of beads by shutting the lids and putting them out of sight.  With the new influx of beads, I decided it really was time I did something about it!  

... a search on the internet and some of my smaller beads are now looking fabulous in these little containers:  

What I like about them, is that each individual section has its own lid, unlike some of my containers where there is one lid for six sections with beads jumping around into places they're not meant to be and getting totally out of order!

Now I'm ready to tackle my large beads so I'm on the search for something similar with a much larger capacity.  If you have any ideas, let me know as I am open to recommendations.

Meanwhile I am completing a set of placemats with applique and stitching.  There's not a bead in sight on these - can't have a dinner plate rolling around on the top of beads!

Have a great stitching week.


Cheryll said...

What great storage containers...
must get me some of 'em too!
Thanks for sharing... :)

Susan In Texas said...

Beads, oye, that brings back the memories! Last year when we moved Grandma Vivian into assisted living (she's 101 and going strong), I offered to organize one terrific pantry closet at the new place into her craft closet as a house-warming present. In addition to enough yarn to sink a battleship, along with every other kind of crafty item, she had beads. Lots and lots of beads. There is a spice store in Fort Worth, and I bought about 130 plastic spice jars in 3 different sizes from 2 quart on down to 3 oz, and spent about a month organizing them in my dining room. I had beads all over the floor for awhile - definitely not safe for bare feet! She no longer wanted her seed beads, and she had tons of them, so I got to keep them. There are probably 70-80 vials of beads and I already had a collection of my own. At some point I'll have to think seriously about long term storage too. Your little holders are darling; I'll have to keep something like that in mind for later.

Your stitching with beads is AWESOME!!! I especially like the umbrella with the beads at the ribs. I'll have to organize my beads better at some point, but I REALLY needed a break from beads for awhile, if you know what I mean! lol

Thanks for all the darling little pictures; you are SO creative! I really enjoy seeing your work. 8)

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Christine M said...

I like sometimes like to add some beads for decoration too. Those containers look like a great idea. I have a lot of beads (pearls and crystal ones) left over from making my wedding head dress. My beads are all in specimen jars. No they haven't been used before! I used to work in the vet science dept at Melboure Uni.

Anonymous said...

i also love beads on projects and love those containers Val.xx

Maria said...

What delightful items you've made Val! I was inspired by this post to look in your patterns' section and was delighted to find that pretty pincushion in the first photo was in the patterns! :-)

Ondrea said...

My goodness! I am glad I don't collect beads too. I have no room left! I must say that they really do look fantastic on your projects. Really "beadazzling".

KaHolly said...

You are just so clever! Each project looks great with the beads added. I've only incorporated beads into one stitchery project - it's in the UFO pile.

Unknown said...

I use fishing tackle boxes to store small items. They come in all sizes. Also small tool boxes. They even have them is antique stores which look great.

Regina vicentini said...

Querida Val!
Os seus trabalhos estão sendo fontes de grande inspiração para mim! Estou armazenando todas elas para quando minha mãe melhorar de saúde, pois tenho dedicado meu tempo a ela nestes dias. Sua organização é cuidadosa e carinhosa, vê-se que tem muito amor pelo seu trabalho.
Parabéns mais uma vez!
Um grande abraço!

Createology said...

Your beaded pieces are beautiful. I adore beads and never have too many. For larger beads I like... http://www.akro-mils.com/Products/Industrial/Cabinet-Systems/Steel-Plastic-Frame-Parts-Cabinets/Plastic-Storage-Cabinets.aspx

Akro Mills little drawer cabinets is what that is above. Blissful Beading...