July 28, 2013

Charmed by Silk

I mentioned recently how much I loved working with silk threads. The little project below, called "Charmed by Silk", was a delight to make. All the threads used are Kacoonda silk in various weights and styles. I am very fond of the tape measure: 

You can find the pattern in the current issue of Handmade magazine:

There is a beautiful sheen on the silk. Some of the threads are smooth and delicate and others have a twist which makes them 'bouncy'! I'm also in love with the effect of the fused pearl beading around the edge:

July is the month we normally 'head north' for a holiday where the weather is warmer.  It just didn't work out this year that we could go away.  Oh well ... thankfully the weather here hasn't been too cold.  In fact yesterday was a perfect sunny, warm day, just how I love it!

My husband and I are keen bird watchers, and we try to go out each Saturday to spend a couple of hours in one of the local conservation areas seeing what birds we might be able to spot. 

A Great Egret developing breeding plumage and colours.

This month, seeing we should be 'on holidays' we decided we would extend our time out, take or buy our lunch and spend the day together relaxing and doing what we love.

A Magpie Goose

We have seen some wonderful birds and animals lately. This Jacana 'walks on water':

We live in an absolutely fantastic area - a piece of paradise hubby calls it!  We were exploring the area a couple of Bays up from us when this guy came by:

Spoonbills (the bird at the back) are one of my favourites. They are like 'mine sweepers' spooning their bill through the water, sifting for food:

Recently we saw the Rakali below in the lake two doors down from our home. It is the Australian equivalent of an otter. It was the first time I had ever seen one, so great excitement!

So even though we're not on holidays, there is plenty to keep life enjoyable and we are being refreshed by our series of mini-breaks.

And on the stitching front, I am revelling in two new projects!  

Happy stitching.


Sarah said...

Hi Val,
Thankyou for frequently sharing your beautiful photographs of birds and animals on your blog. My son and I also enjoy spotting and identifying native fauna and flora, although neither of us are camera savvy! We live adjacent to a nature reserve on the South Coast of NSW, so we often spend many happy hours bush walking and chatting when he can get away from his uni studies. This afternoon we thought we saw a platypus but it somehow didn't seem quite right! Having just read your blog we're thinking that maybe it was a Rakali which until now we didn't know about, it would certainly explain our strange platypus!!!

Regina vicentini said...

Bom dia querida Val!
Lindo o trabalho com os fios de seda!
Fico feliz que você esteja aproveitando suas férias com essas maravilhosas criações de Deus!
Tenha uma ótima semana!

Melody said...

Beautiful sewing and I really enjoyed the bird and animal pictures. Thank you.

Christine M said...

Gorgeous projects Val. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

Cheryll said...

You ALWaYs have the most gorgeous stitchery projects Val. Love all those beautiful tiny coloured stitches! Thanks for sharing. :)

Allie said...

Love your new pattern Val, so sweet and delicate!!! Your pics are so great, you do live in a beautiful, bountiful area. Glad you're enjoying your time out!

Ondrea said...

Some more lovely projects there Val. I am sorry that you cannot get away as usual but I believe up North isn't that great this year, lots of rain. At least you can seek contentment with the nature around you and some more stitching.