A Passing Fancy

One of the problems with my being a perfectionist, is that, as time goes by, I end up with a crate full of bits and pieces that have been started and never finished.  I call them PASSES (Projects at a Stand Still)!  From what I read of other stitcher's experience, I am not alone!!!!

Some of my PASSES have been an experiment, or a trial run for a new design. I found this completed appliqued and stitched "Les Macarons" and had great difficulty in working out why on earth I rejected it a few months ago!  It looks now exactly as I wanted it to look!  Then I remembered that I used two strands of black thread for the cake stand and I thought it was a bit thick, so re-worked it with just one strand! I am my own worst enemy!  So what to do with a rejected centre from the wall-hanging? - make it into a cover for a recipe binder:

I was playing with some small left-over bits of fabric and started making a crazy heart.  Why didn't I finish it?  I don't remember - yet another 'Passing Fancy'.  A bit of lace, a few fancy machine stitches along the seams, a twisted cord around the edge and another PASS hits the dust:

I pulled out a piece of burgundy velvet and discovered a completed circle of embroidered grub roses.  I was actually quite impressed with how sweet it looked. Why had it sat unfinished for three or four years? Laziness? Procrastination? A new design taking precedence? Just not as perfect as I had hoped? It really was time to do something with it.  A couple of hours later, with some ribbon roses and lace added, and it had turned into a pretty cushion:

Among the bits and pieces in my PASSES crate was an octagonal needle-case front. The applique and embroidery was all finished and I thought it looked quite good.  I had to go and have a look at the one that finally passed the test to work out why this one was rejected.  I must have decided it would look better with a butterfly than with just flowers! It didn't take long to put the reject together into this lovely needlecase:

Thankfully, most of the time my designs pass my test on the first go, otherwise I would have PASSES up to my eyeballs!  As it is, I reckon there are enough remaining to keep me going till Christmas if I tackle one a week ... and not collect any more on the way!

Here's one that passed my test. It's Father's Day in Australia next Sunday, so I designed these masculine-looking mug rugs.   

I find it difficult to think of things to make for men.  If you are in the same position, you might like to download my Male Gift Ideas which I put together with the help of my blog readers a couple of years ago.  The link is on my sidebar, or you can download it from here.

The mug rugs are in the latest Patchwork & Stitching Magazine, Vol 14 No 7.

Happy stitching!


  1. Your PASS's have been turned into lovely items! I try so hard to finish the projects that I start, but something newer and more urgent often comes along to distract me.....

  2. Cute PASSES and I enjoyed reading the gift list for men!

  3. I love the term PASSES! I never heard that one, so I shared it with a thousand of my closest quilter friends. =) Credit to you, of course!

  4. Olá amiga Val!
    Grandes criações!
    São lindas!

  5. Projects at a Stand Still...now that is just down right funny!!!! Love it!
    You have some wonderful finishes.

  6. I had a good chuckle readings this :-)
    They turned out beautiful!


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