September 29, 2013

Confectionary Corner

I'm not big on lollies - or candy, or sweets, or confectionary, or whatever you might call them!  I probably would only eat two or three in a whole year.  When I was a young teenager, I had to have some dental work done.  It was a very unpleasant experience in those days so I decided from then on that I would choose to NOT like lollies any more. I talked myself into it and for all those years lollies have just not turned me on.

Now I'm only talking about lollies, not Chocolate! I love chocolate, especially super dark chocolate, but I try not to indulge in it very often!  So what do you do when you have fabric in your stash called "Double Chocolat"?  I've made a few things from the range already, but I decided I just had to make something to celebrate the sweet tooth.

Confectionary Corner:

There's a little shop with a welcoming door:

Jars filled with goodies:

Toffee apples, candy canes and all-day-suckers:

a gumball machine, licorice allsorts and a bag filled with chocolates:

Can you imagine the fun I had making this?  The pattern is available in the latest Country Threads Magazine, Vol 14 No 6.

It's been a busy week with four designs packaged to send off to magazine editors. That was a lot of instructions to write, samples to make and templates to organise!  

In the package was my latest quilt which has turned out beautifully.  My quilter has done a fantastic job on it:

Just love the feathers:

 A lovely rope border:

Now I'm working out of my normal zone with some bright fabrics. It will still be recognizable as mine though - plenty of applique and stitching - just vivid fabrics to go with it instead of soft, pretty ones!

Have a great week and happy stitching!


Melody said...

I think your lollies quilt is one of your loveliest designs.

Maria said...

What sweet vignettes in your Confectionery! Just realised what I wrote!! Love your latest quilt and yes that quilting is very impressive!

bri68 said...


Farm Gate Creations said...

Love the fabric you've use in your Confectionery Corner.

Regina vicentini said...

Oi minha amiga Val!
A cada domingo meus olhos se enchem de brilho ao ver seus trabalhos lindos!
Parabéns mais uma vez!

Gina E. said...

Yep! Got this pattern ear-marked in my copy of Country Threads :-)

sunny said...

What a beautiful quilt - and the quilting is fantastic!

Pensée et Lavande said...

Bonsoir Val,
Voila encore de délicieux travaux qui donne envie de réaliser de nouveaux projets,hélas ce magazine n'est pas disponible en France,et je déménage cette semaine.
Je connais la collection double chocolat elle est magnifique,le quilting est de toute beauté j'avais réalisé ce motif sur mon premier quilt.Bravo Val
A trés bientot
Bisous Marie Christine

A Nudge said...

Confectionary Corner is so sweet! Too bad we can't get that mag in US. I'm liking what I can see of your new project - so colorful.

Wendy B said...

I agree....the confectionary corner quilt caught my eye in the latest mag, that's for sure!!! Love it Val......the next one looks gorgeous too! xo sugary hugs :o)

Christine M said...

I love your new lolly shop quilt. Maybe I should make one for my hubby as he has such a sweet tooth. This way it will be low calorie!

Ondrea said...

Wow! So many lovely peeks of projects. I love the confectionary one too. Shame I can't eat anything with sugar in it, or wheat, or dairy or many grains at all. Ho hum. I could dream about it looking at this quilt on the wall at least. LOL You are such a clever lady. LOve the quilting too.

Lynn B said...

Oooo I love Confectionery Corner Val, it is gorgeous, and all your other latest stitching is very pretty too!