Free gift tags and more PASSES

Making preparations for Creative Craft Retreat has been top of my list this week. Needless to say, there's lots to organise, kits to prepare and goods to ticket ready for the craft stall. I thought you'd like to see what has happened to some more of my PASSES (Projects at a stand still).

This umbrella stitchery now adorns the front cover of a sewing folder:

The block below is from the Gifts of Grace wall quilt which was our free BOM in 2010. Has this one of my PASSES really been sitting around for 3 years?  It was time to turn it into a sweet drawer sachet:

Some months ago I was trying out a silk ribbon technique for my project I am teaching next weekend.  I decided this trial run really was pretty enough to put in a frame:

This too was a try-out for an embroidery project.  It's now turned into a Christmas tree ornament:

I love umbrellas and I'm realising that I often put them in my projects!  Don't you love this little dog in the puddle on the journal cover:

[Do you remember the project I did where there was an umbrella on every block?  Told you I was fond of them!]  Showers of blessing:

I think there's only one of my PASSES left now!  I don't want to look too thoroughly in case I find any more.  The one that remains does so because I simply can't think of what to do with a half finished bit of embroidery on a piece of velvet.  It can wait till next year when inspiration might hit or until I decide to finish the stitching!

Talking about free Block of the Month quilts, do you remember Consider the Lilies from 2011? Rian from Holland sent me a lovely photo of her completed quilt along with a touching story of her journey while she was working on the project.

Hasn't she done a beautiful job.  Thank you, Rian, for sharing your work and your story.

With Christmas fast approaching I thought you would love to have some printable 
'Handmade with Love' 
gift tags to attach to all the gifts you are making. Our friends at Craftsy have come up with these FREE cute tags:

Aren't they adorable!  Just go here to download your own gift tags:  

I'm getting excited and so looking forward to teaching next weekend.  Spending a weekend with my daughter (who started the annual Retreat) is the icing on the cake.

Happy stitching!


  1. Bom domingo Val!
    Espero que seu fim de semana com sua filha seja bem proveitoso e feliz! Amei sua postagem com seus trabalhos lindos, parabéns!

  2. Bom domingo Val!
    Espero que seu fim de semana com sua filha seja bem proveitoso e feliz! Amei sua postagem com seus trabalhos lindos, parabéns!

  3. The gift tags are lovely, Val, thank you for sharing.

  4. Down to only one PASS. Great work Val. I do love that little dog under the umbrella. He is very cute.

  5. Doesn't it feel good to "finish" off old projects! And yours are always wonderful! :)

  6. Well done! You are an inspiration, and thank you for the notice for the gift tags.

  7. How wonderful to see all those finished PASSES (much nicer word than UFOs). Absolutely adore the beautiful folder cover with umbrella. Thank you for all your lovely projects this year Val - both through the Blog and in our mags. Hope I can achieve as many PASSES this year. Happy stitching, Diana R.


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