October 20, 2013

More Applique talk

I thought today that I would show you a couple more Applique techniques that I like. The first one is what I call "Inset Applique" that I developed for use with felt.  It is very simple - virtually it is just putting the applique underneath instead of on top. It looks slightly different to normal applique with a more three dimensional effect.  

You can see the embroidered centre inset under the felt in the Garden Gate pincushion above.  This is a free pattern that you can download from here or over at my pattern store on Craftsy.

I used the same technique in my Lilac Love Sewing Set:

The second technique is one I found on my internet browsings and I'm sorry that I can't link back to where I first saw this done some years ago and I have no idea where it might have originated before that.  The edge of the applique is shaped as part of the embroidered design, then the flowers etc are completed on the applique fabric.

This lends itself to experimenting with different stitches rather than blanket-stitch.  Below I have used a twisted chain stitch around the toadstool.  You can read more about my musings on blanket-stitch alternatives here.

I hope that has encouraged you to do some experimenting with applique in your projects.

There's nothing like a Creative Craft Retreat approaching fast to get me into doing something about all my PASSES (Projects at a Stand Still).  A fun part of the Retreat weekend is seeing all the wonderful creations available for purchase on the Craft Stall. I've booked a table to have some of my own gear for sale so as it's less than a fortnight away, it really was time to put my head down and make some more items.

As I've mentioned before, I seem to accumulate plenty of PASSES and they are ideal for quick assembly as usually the stitchery is complete and that is the time-consuming part. I completed nine this week - happy!

I had two pretty appliqued borders which were perfect size for adorning a hand towel:

I made another Walk in the Park bag.  I love the blue/green tones, which are so different to my original pink version:

Love this little cottage wall-hanging:

Old-time favourite!  Another heart scissor keep:

As there are quite enough photos already, I will show you some more next week. I was quite pleased with all my "finishes" seeing I was out three days in a row, had visitors on two evenings and two projects to complete to post off to magazines. Just shows you what a bit of motivation will accomplish!

I hope your week is productive too!



Kate said...

As usual, Val, you leave me 'drooling' over your beautiful work. :)

Pensée et Lavande said...

Bonjour Val,
Je ne puis résister plus longtemps
tous ces beaux modéles!
Je me suis donc inscrite chez craftsy
pour les acheter et pouvoir en télecharger,enfin,j'en suis heureuse
et je dis un énorme merci pour ces charmantes réalisation que je pourrais enfin réaliser.
Belle journée et a trés bientôt
Bisous MChristine

Jane Green said...

Hi Val - Thanks so much for the garden gate pincushion. It will look so nice on my sewing table WHEN - not IF - I get it done.- You are so very talented. I love your style -

Blessings - Jane