February 16, 2014

Block of the Month Wall Quilt Pattern 2

This month our verse in the free "Shining Like the Dawn" Block off the Month wall quilt is 

Do not fret because of what evil people do.  Psalm 37:1

"Fret" isn't a word we use a lot these days, but it is such a descriptive term. Its origin was that of eating or gnawing away. We can be so agitated, vexed, annoyed, and hassled about something that it eats away at us! The answer of course is - no matter what, God is in control!

The pattern can be downloaded from here. I hope you enjoy stitching this little mini quilt.

I decided to make another banner for our Church.  This one is much smaller than the previous one and is for a different building.  I used the same gorgeous fabric and it looks quite good on the wall, but apart from that, it has a wonderful message. 

I'm not sure why some weeks just disappear down the plughole, but last week did just that. My "get-up-and-go" just got-up-and-went!  I do have two completed projects on my table however, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. They both were started recently and I managed to finish all the hand-stitching during the week.

Something else sitting on my table is my new toy. My old light box had really seen better days and was looking a bit dangerous, so I shouted myself this new Lightpad.  Highly recommended:

You don't see many bright projects coming out of my sewing room, but I was given a set of fat quarters with lots of bright colours a couple of years ago.  I've made good use of them in projects, but my least favourite side of the colour wheel - yellow/orange - was still taking up lots of space! Solution - make some bright placemats with a fruit theme:

You can find the pattern in Handmade Vol 32 No 4:

Last night we went with some friends to a Queensland Symphony Orchestra Concert. A meal together beforehand and absolutely superb music was a fabulous way to have an early wedding anniversary celebration ... and a late night!  Now I'm going to sit down and work on a stitchery that I am going to use in a cover for my Lightpad ... and probably will fall asleep!

Happy stitching!


Patricia said...

Val, Like you I do not like yellow and orange but your placmats are lovely. They would be great for a bright Thanksgiving table. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia C

Outback Craftaholic said...

Val, thanks so much for sharing your free patterns. I made the first block while on holidays in Rottnest last week and really enjoyed it. I love Australian flora so I'm looking forward to stitching these gum nuts & gum leaves. Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the second block. That's a good one. We used to always say the baby was fretful, and my mother used to tell me I fret too much. =) Love those bright, cheery mats. I love your banner. Do you know this song? I love it!

Createology said...

This is very fitting for me as I am working through changing my need to always "fret" and worry.
Lovely church banner. Cheery placemats with the fruit theme. Thank you sew very much for sharing your BOM. Blissful Stitching...