Block of the Month Wall Quilt Pattern 3

It's time to give you another pattern in our "Shining like the Dawn" block of the month wall quilt. The verse this month is another simple step towards having shining lives:

Trust in the Lord and do good. 
Psalm 37:3

I hope you are enjoying stitching these little mini quilts. You can download the pattern here.

When it comes to fabric choice, I am drawn to romantic, pretty, floral styles, and lean towards cooler colours. A look at my wardrobe will soon confirm that!  Pastel hues have always been my first choice. When I started quilting, it didn't take me long to find out that a quilt made up of all pastel hues can be totally insipid. Quilts need contrast - they need large and small-scale patterns; they require dark and light values, and so I began to expand my horizons and include reds and some of the warmer colours that I would normally have avoided.

See all that red on the right:

Patchwork & Stitching have very kindly included a 4-page profile of my work in their latest magazine:

It's Volume 15 No 3 if you see it in the shops ... and it's their "Brights Special". I wouldn't call myself at all a "Brights" stitcher, but I still had some fabric left from a gift of  bright fat quarters that one of our daughters gave me, so I came up with this set of four placemats for this issue:

I rather like the modern feel of the white background and the dots and of course I always enjoy making applique. You can find the pattern in the same magazine:

I've been looking back over my week and been trying to remember if I actually accomplished anything at all!  I did choose some fabric from the stash to make some oven mitts for my charity box. I had planned to finish six, but I guess one completed is a start. I did manage to post off three small designs to a magazine and that's always a good feeling to think all the instructions are done and dusted. The parcel contained two bags; here's a couple of sneak peaks:

Have you heard that Craftsy is having a big sale on all their classes this weekend - up to 50% off ?


I'm a big Craftsy fan. Their online classes are fabulous. Once you buy a class, access never expires and all the lessons are always available. I've benefitted a lot from the ones I'm taking. 

Now for the big announcement: 
 I am hosting a fabulous Giveaway commencing next week. Make sure you come back to find out how to enter.

Happy stitching

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small payment if you make a purchase after clicking on my Craftsy link.


  1. Val, I would come back even without a giveaway. =) I love those placemats. They are so unusual, and yes, bright. =) Even more, I love the block this month. Thank you so much for your example of a beautifully framed stitchery. That yellow bow in the corner is something I would never have thought of doing! Trust - I try hard, but everything I give to Him, I try to take back. =P It's a process, right? =)

  2. Thanks for the pattern. xx

  3. I love that Penny Farthing in the latest Homespun Val. I think I could even manage to do that one!

  4. Val ~ I just love those placemats. Is there anywhere to locate that pattern? I searched and cannot locate anywhere in the states to purchase the magazine. Do you have any idea if it's available?

  5. Val,
    I loved your previous BOM quilts and you show the blocks and say you might also like these and I do, but I can not find the patterns. Am I not looking in the right place. It says they are on your website but when I click on the link it brings me back to the blog. I love all your work. It is all so beautiful. Thank you kamiafive


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