Vintage Love

I am very attracted to all things vintage. My piano is a vintage Broadwood - it used to have candle holders on it, but unfortunately they were removed  in an attempt to modernise it before I bought it. Much of my furniture is walnut and in the Victorian style - velvet and deep buttoning etc.

So you can understand how pleased I was when I was asked to contribute to Patchwork & Stitching Magazine's Vintage issue!  I love making beautiful stitching accessories so I chose to make the Vintage Dreams Sewing Folder:

 It has pretty embroidery, a lace motif, sweet charm, beading, and plenty of pockets and places for sewing bits and pieces:

You can find it in Australian Patchwork & Stitching Vol 15 No 4:

I could happily make vintage sewing accessories as a full-time job!

However I have a long 'to do' list and last week I needed to start thinking about deadlines. A sweet stitchery has been posted off to a magazine editor (forgot to take a photo!). I rejected my first attempt at a patchwork bag I had to make. I've never made a bag which includes a quilting block before and I soon realised that the block I had chosen for it was far too big and was never going to look great, no matter what I did with it! A change of fabric, a change of size and sudden inspiration ... and I now have a bag which I really like and will be happy to have my name on!

I seem to be stepping out of my comfort zone a bit this year! I've committed myself to making a Christmas candle mat and I want to try out a new technique. I've never made a candle mat before and I'm not sure how my ideas are going to turn out, so I am having a trial run with this design. So far I think I like it but the jury is still out!

Back in my comfort zone, I boxed up some more charity projects for our Church market stall:

Some key rings:

A sign:

A cot quilt:

We are having absolutely perfect weather for Easter and hubby and I took advantage of it yesterday to go for a long walk in our beautiful Australian bush which sits on the edge of the Bay.  The cassias were making a beautiful sunny show:

the birds were delighting us with their songs, the water was crystal clear and the company was great!

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season, celebrating the fact that Jesus is ALIVE!



  1. Happy Easter. Love the vintage sewing folder. It is gorgeous. But all your projects turn out gorgeous. Just love to see your creations.

  2. WOW!! Your creations and stitching is wonderful.. really is.
    And OH so pretty too.
    Smiles and Happy Easter :)

  3. Your new pattern is lovely, Val. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. Très joli ce nouveau modèle ! mais comment se procurer cette revue ??? bon weekend de Pâques, amicalement, chantal45

  5. What gorgeous flowers! Thanks for showing your vintage piece for the magazine. That's really lovely, as well as completely useful! I love your piano, too. I grew up in a museum of antiques from my parents' travel, and I miss that sort of thing.

  6. Val I love your sweet vintage sewing folder...and those cute projects for your charity projects. But the flowers - just stunning! blessings, marlene

  7. Can't wait to make the project in the book!!
    Barb :)


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