All things bright and beautiful

The question I get asked most when talking about my designs is "Where do you get your ideas from?". It's a difficult question to answer really. They just come!

I know that any talent I have is a gift from God. 

I know that there are hundreds of things that inspire me. 

 I know my heart skips a beat when I see something of great beauty.

I know I love detail.

 I know my heart sings when I have a needle and thread in my hand.

I know I have an amazing creator God.

 I know I have been blessed to live in a wonderful country.

I don't know how the ideas just pop into my head!

I know I'm on an amazing journey.

I love that you have joined me on it!

Photos from top:
Blue Cockatoo Orchid
Fringe Myrtle
Lady Bird Beetle on Acacia
Rose (forgotten name!)
Scented Sundew
Bee on our Plum tree
Bulldog Orchid
Amanita muscaria toadstool



  1. Lovely post, Val! Both the beautiful photos and the text :-)

  2. A lovely post, with beautiful photos

  3. Amen to gifts from
    God. enjoy every one of them.

  4. This was such a beautiful post - very inspiring. It touched my heart and spirit. It touched on needs that I was praying about just yesterday - won't go into that - but I had to thank you for this post!

  5. Olá Val! como vai você?
    Não te abandonei amiga, apenas estou tentando me refazer por ter perdido minha mãe em abril. Sei que o nosso Deus a está guardando em sono profundo até que jesus venha ao nosso encontro. Isso me conforta. Seus trabalhos e fotos são da melhor qualidade e eu sou sua adimiradrora! Um grande abraço!
    Regina Vicentini

  6. Your words are as beautiful as the flowers you've shown.


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