October 26, 2014

Finishing off the edges

You've made your quilt top or wall-hanging, but do you give enough thought to how you might finish off the edges? I thought I would run through some of the techniques that I like to use.

Of course, you can bind the edges with fabric that matches the last border. That's what I've done with "You're Welcome" wall-hanging. I wanted the eye to be drawn into the centre so I chose a binding that does not distract the eye:

With the Showers of Blessing quilt, there was a lot of colour going on in the border of squares, so I chose the bright red fabric for the binding. Rather than being a distraction, the binding complements the red around the nine embroidered squares:

With the Pastel Panache Bed Runner and Cushion, picking out a light colour for the binding - in this case the grey of the border - has given a pleasant but unobtrusive contrast:

I'm very fond of the Les Macarons wall-hanging. Making the black and white of the embroidery stand out by using the same colours for the binding, has really enhanced this design: 

I find that binding cut on the cross can give a real 'zing' to a project. I love the red and white check on Cook with Love:

The Away in a Manger Australian Advent Calendar is a bit outside the box. Rather than have the design as a one-piece wall-hanging, it consists of four pieces. The three lower pieces are bound with matching colour and they are joined together with ribbon when sewing the binding:

Of course, you can finish off the quilt or wall-hanging with no binding at all. All of my children's interactive wall-hangings are joined with the backing and then turned out and quilted. My Kitchen Dresser

The same principle applies with the Vintage Christmas Pudding with some bells added at the lower edge:

Flutter-by bag has an easy variation for its edge - Ric Rac:

I hope that has given you some ideas to think about when you are choosing how to finish off the edges of your projects.

I've had another week where I don't seem to have accomplished much in the sewing realm! I enjoyed a full day out bird-watching with a lovely group of people, watched grandson perform in a school production of Peter Pan, spent some time learning to play our church's new Clavinova, prepared for and enjoyed having lunch visitors, and sent off a package to a magazine editor. I did manage to whip up a few items for our Church's market stall:

I also put a new pattern in my Craftsy Store - the Chevronetta Table Runner:

With the right colours, this would work as a Christmas project.

 Enjoy your week!


Grit said...

All looks so wonderful.
Greetings Grit

Kate said...

Beautiful projects, Val. Thanks so much for the ideas for finishing the edges ... one that I'd never thought of was binding in the same fabric - I like that look and it would have been perfect on a project that I just finished. You've given me lots to think about. ^^

Melody said...

This is a fabulous blog post full of wonderful images, thank you so much.

VĂ©ronique Rose said...

que de merveilles, j'aime beaucoup
bonne semaine