Embroidery delights

Last week a friend asked me if I would make four embroidered bookmarks for her to give away as gifts. I had previously made one for her birthday a year or so ago and she tells me that she uses it all the time and really treasures it. Isn't it delightful, when someone appreciates your handiwork and the love and care that you have put into making a hand-made gift?

Thankfully I had some blank bookmarks so I was able to get straight into making them. By the way, I have searched high and low for hours on the internet and I cannot find anyone who is selling these bookmarks with oval apertures. I found one with a rectangular opening but drew a blank with ovals or circles, so if anyone knows where I might find some, I would love to know.

Only one bookmark was needed in a hurry, but it really wasn't worth the effort of getting all the gear out just for one, so I did the lot. 

It's amazing what a bit of fabric paint can do! Instead of just embroidering the scene, I dabbed a bit of green paint behind what I was going to embroider. To me, it really lifts the stitching to the next level. It's a technique I really should try with my stitcheries, so I've added a note in my Ideas file to remind me for next time!

These delphiniums are formed by gathering silk ribbon into small florets and anchoring them with a French Knot.

One of the requests was for a 'bluish' theme. I don't have much in the way of blue ribbons in my stash as there are so few flowers that are blue in nature. I settled for this ribbon which has mauve tones with its blue and made candelabra primulas with French Knots:

In our previous home we had a pergola covered with Wisteria. It was absolutely gorgeous in flower and when the flowers were finished it then produced pretty green shady leaves:

My embroidered wisteria vine is a poor substitute I think:

 I couldn't get my silk ribbons out without making lots of roses, so the last one is a pretty apricot climbing rose:

After the embroidery was mounted in the bookmarks, I used some 3D paint to edge the oval:

I really enjoyed working on these small projects and managed to complete the four of them in about as many nights. It is quite a contrast to a quilt top that I just completed that took me seven or eight days working eight or nine hours each day! Now I remember why I only make two or three quilts in a year! 

I will give you another reminder about the 2014 free "Shining Like the Dawn" Pattern - all the blocks will be available for another 10 days, then they will be removed on the 31st December, so make sure you go and collect them before they are gone.  Meanwhile I am working on another free block of the month pattern for 2015. I've been waiting for fabric to arrive which it has just done, so now I can start the stitching. I hope to have at least one block ready to show you in the new year.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with the blessings of remembering whose birthday it is that we celebrate.



Melody said...

These are so beautiful. You are so clever and talented

Kate said...

Val, your bookmarks are beautiful!!

Patricia said...

Lovely bookmark! It is so nice to know someone really uses and loves a piece of needlework, we have stitched.

Donna King said...

These are absolutely stunning. Do you offer instructions on how to make these flowers, particularly the delphinium and roses?

Your work and your patterns are always so elegant and unique.

Christine M said...

Your flowers are beautiful, Val. You have a lovely Christmas too. xx

Anonymous said...

I really hope you find those oval bookmarks, it's such a perfect shape for those. These are each lovelier than the last, and I could never pick one if I had to choose! It makes me want to get back to putting SRE on my crazy quilting, which I had gotten away from doing. Not a lack of ribbons! =) I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings us. Thank you for all the work you do and share with your readers.

KaHolly said...

Val, your bookmarks are amazing!! Good luck finding a source for more!! Happy Holidays!