Mum's Mending Service

I'm not quite sure why our two daughters are tarred with the same brush but whenever I visit them, or they visit us, they produce loads of mending for me to do!

The usual answer to my remonstrations is, "But you like sewing!"  I've never been able to educate them about the difference between sewing and mending and altering clothes!!!

Our younger daughter has been with us all week with her four children down from the country. Needless to say, the pile of mending came too! As soon as I thought I had finished, out came the next level. This time it was kits the children had completed - latch-hook, long stitch and cross stitch - all the work finished but needing to be made up into something useful. 

So bear was made into a cushion:

and this cute little long-stitch was made into a wall-hanging:

Next came the request for new pencil cases for the grand-daughters, so I quickly whipped this one up for the 'butterfly' girl: 

There's a few more kits and another pencil case to be made up before I see them again in a couple of weeks, so there's still a pile sitting on the sewing machine! 

We managed to pack a lot of things into the week - a trip to the movies, a couple of afternoons at the beach, a visit from cousins, a train ride (a novelty for the country kids), a catch-up with some friends we hadn't seen for a very long time and lots of sitting in front of the airconditioner as we have been in the middle of a heatwave!

I did manage to complete some silk ribbon embroidery before the family visit. I've been wanting to tackle fuschias and decided it was time I tried to conquer them. I was rather pleased with how they turned out: 

Expect to see more of them! 

Thank you for all the encouraging comments and emails after my 'whinge' last week! It was lovely to hear that many of you are stitching or are about to stitch the free designs. I was delighted too to see photos of your work. You know I love to see what you have done with my designs!

Happy stitching!


Nanna Chel said...

Val, I am sure you had a lovely time with your grandchildren. They certainly are a clever bunch....just like their grandma!

Little Penpen said...

Beautiful work by the kiddo's. "But you love to sew!" lol... I have a pair or denim jeans with a busted out thigh, taking up space in my sewing room right now. grrrr

sunny said...

Cute bear, and beautiful fuschias. I just cringe when dh asks me to mend/fix something for him. I'll sew on a button, but not much more. I am NOT a seamstress.

Regina vicentini said...

Bom dia val! Lendo o que você escreveu a respeito das costurinhas dos filhos, vi-me representada. Aqui é assim também. Bom saber que somos ainda úteis aos nossos filhos. Seu bordado ficou lindo minha querida amiga! beijos

Jodi said...

I am learning to sew and I am gradually mending more myself instead of adding it to the mending pile at my mums but there are some things I just think I am out of my depth on that I still ask her. She is trying to teach me to do it myself rather than just doing it for me though ... she won't be here forever. Her mum left us much too soon so I think she knows I need to learn while she is here to teach me.
I am glad you got to have some fun with the Grandkids making there craft into finished items. They are things they will treasure filled with memories of time spent with you and your love and care for them.

Anonymous said...

The fuschias are lovely. You know you are just too easy, right? =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those fuschias are beautiful!! Will you show us how you did them? They look so real only better because they won't wilt.

Val Laird said...

Hi Shelley

I'm afraid you're a "No reply blogger" so I can't contact you. I would love to give you some guidelines about the fuschias. Hugs Val

Marle said...

Hi Val,
your fuschias are stunning! I love these beautiful flowers and yours looks like living.
Hugs Marle