The Rhythm of Life

The rhythm of life has gone on with with a steady (if not powerful) beat for me this week. It wasn't quite a normal week, but the rhythm was there!

Life has so many compartments, doesn't it? I am thankful for generally good health. I had my eyes tested and was surprised to learn that my eyes hadn't changed in two years. The explanation as to why I can't see as well is that I have a cataract forming. I was happy that there is no macular degeneration or glaucoma and for the fact that the cataract won't need attention for a year or so. I also had my hearing tested, which confirmed what my family keep telling me - that I am fairly deaf!!!

The Home rhythm was a bit interrupted with the threat of a Category 5 Cyclone bearing down on us. We had to move from outdoors anything that could be a flying missile with more than 150 km an hour winds expected - chairs, table, pot plants, etc. In the event we were very thankful that the Cyclone had spent most of its force by the time it got to us. We didn't get the gale-forced winds and were actually quite thankful for the 10 inches of rain that fell in four days.

On the Friends side of life, I had the privilege of playing the organ for my dear friend's funeral. It was a very fitting service for a lovely lady. 

 I love keeping in touch with Family via Skype where you can not only hear but SEE your loved ones and I enjoyed a few calls this week. A request from daughter-in-law for some goods for the school Easter fund-raiser had me digging in my brights box to make a couple of cushions. One is complete:

 and another one on the way: 

In the Craft compartment, I packaged two projects to send off to magazine editors:

What is it about roses that sends my heart into a spin?:

Something else that "put the tingle in the fingers" as well as the heart, was a good look at the Craftsy free Block of the Month quilt for 2015:


It is by Jinny Beyer and is absolutely gorgeous. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to make it! I knew I had drawers full of fabrics just like that because they really are "my" colours. Out came all the blues, purples and teals and an hour or so of juggling them all around and I had enough fabric to make the quilt top, with only being short on one colour, the gold. I was able to complete the first block and love how it looks:

Now I'm eagerly waiting for the gold fabric which I have ordered so that I can 
make the February blocks. It's hard to believe this beautiful pattern, along with 14 video lessons, is all free.  The link is here in case you want to join in too. I'm expecting to learn lots and improve my piecing skills throughout the year.

May the rhythm of life beat well for you this week and include lots of stitching!


Nanna Chel said...

Val you do such beautiful work. I am plodding along with trying to make a rag rug and am always impressed by your latest projects. We were pleased as well that cyclone Marcia stayed away from us even though we were on the tracking map. Glad you enjoyed the rain though.

Kate said...

I 'sew' enjoy seeing and reading what you've been up to. I'm pleased for you that the cyclone was less ferocious by the time it reached you but still blessed you with the needed rain. :)

sandi s said...

I'm glad your safe and well. I signed up for free blocks also but haven't thought about the colors yet. Yours is going to be beautiful. Hugs,

Patricia said...

Love your projects. The rabbits are wonderful and what a beautiful quilt.

Christine M said...

Glad to hear all is well with you, Val, both on the health side and the cyclone. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the cyclone didn't cause great damage for you, but brought healing rain that was needed. I'm so sorry about your friend, and so happy you have a talent you could share with her one more time.

Good news about your eyesight! Cataracts are really pretty easy to fix these days. My husband had both eyes done and went from practically blind to exclaiming over all the colors he'd been missing in life. =) Your Craftsy block is so gorgeous!

Sisbabestitches said...

I really have been (unknowingly) working against my rhythm, this post has been a 'timely'reminder, thank you!
Wonderful you were able to be organist for your friend :)
Love the bright cushions :)
Your bom block is beautiful, stunning colours :)

edith csokmay said...

So much loveliness. Your stitching is beautiful and how could you not love those roses !!!

Ondrea said...

Oh my! That block is amazing. I so love those colours. Sorry to hear that you have lost a dear friend but what a great thing to be able to play at her funeral. Good to hear that the cyclone missed you, a bit worrying at the time , I am sure. My mum had a macular hole many years ago and had surgery . She had to spend an entire week with her head down at all time, even for eating and drinking, sleeping etc. It paid off because she is nearly 82 and she hardly needs to wear glasses. Her eyes are better than mine! Cataract surgery, although scarey is well worth the results. People say that colours seem more vibrant. Angel hugs.