Hooked on stitching accessories

It's no secret that I'm hooked on stitching accessories! You only have to look here or this page to see that I LOVE making beautiful pincushions, needlecases and anything else pretty that we can use in our stitching.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about "Sorting Out the Needles" where I admitted that it took a while for it to dawn on me that needles are tools that have specific tasks and therefore it is an advantage to have them sorted so that the right needle for the job can easily be found.

My solution was to design a six-pocket needlecase for packets of needles. I'm still in love with the concept so I decided to revisit the project and make one with this stitchery design on the front:

The fabric I've used has fond memories as our daughter bought it for my birthday when she was in New Zealand. I so admire a fabric designer that can draw roses like this:

People sometimes ask me if I come up with my own name for my designs. The answer is yes, and usually the publisher will keep the name I have chosen, which makes me happy. I called this pattern "Hanging by a Thread" and you can find it in Country Threads magazine Vol 16 No 6:

Earlier in the year I made a quilt in which I have used solid black fabric to show off a lovely fabric range. It was crying out to be named "Black Beauty" and it has just come back from the quilter looking gorgeous:

 Talking about names of projects, I realise that I am very fond of alliteration. Somehow the repetition of the same sounds at the beginning of words seems to really work for me. Guess what I've called this project with lots of fuchsias?

Fuchsia Frolics! As much as I love the fuchsias, it is hard to me to design something that doesn't have a rose or two as well!:

This week I have one more Christmas design to complete for a magazine and then I will be on to bags and purses. I just completed my first coin purse and totally love how it has turned out ... definitely more coming up!

Happy stitching!



KaHolly said...

That needle wallet is brilliant! Love all the names you come up with as well as your designs and projects. xo

Nanna Chel said...

Val I have never seen a needle wallet before. I will have to make one. They look lovely.

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely needle case which would make a lovely gift. I have all my needles in a box, maybe I need a change.

Susie said...

Oh how I love this needle holder. Think I might hunt out this mag. Thank you.

retdairyqueen said...

I used the stitchery from your needle case to make a little sewing bag Hope you do not mind Loved it

Anonymous said...

I love your design for the needlecase, and what a cute name that is! Ditto on Fuchsia Frolics.