August 30, 2015

A stitcher's attempt at cardmaking

One of my friends is an absolutely brilliant card-maker. Her creations are amazing, so when I want a card for an extra special occasion, I commission her to produce one of her delightful masterpieces.  

As a stitcher, my attempts at card-making are pretty ordinary, but occasionally I have a go with some silk ribbon embroidery. I do it with the thought that the card can live on after the event and be a pretty picture to display, or even be placed in a small frame and bring ongoing enjoyment.

Recently, I made a set of three cards using the beautiful Kacoonda silk ribbon:

There's something lovely about hollyhocks:

Fuschias are one of my all-time favourite flowers. In our previous home, the climate was great for growing them and I had a number of beautiful hanging baskets full of their delightful blooms:

They are a delight to make in silk ribbon:

I guess it's not a bad alternative to growing them:

Another plant that I can't grow in the sub-tropics is Wisteria. The courtyard in our previous home was an amazing sight each Spring:


I haven't quite captured its beauty but at least there's a little hint:

and roses ...

Again, the climate was perfect for growing roses where we used to live. Now I have to be content to produce them in stitches and I do love making them with the beautiful silk ribbon:

You can find the pattern in Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine Vol 23 No 2.

Meanwhile, I think us stitchers can learn so much from scrapbooking artists. Their use of layers makes their work stand apart, and I am sure it is something that I could adapt into my world of stitching. I just need the patience and effort to think about how it can happen in my projects.

I taught a workshop for the local quilting group last week. It was a fun time together with delightful ladies. They made the Flit and Flutter Pincushion:

Now I'm working on a new design to teach a workshop at the local Community Arts Centre. I enjoy the teaching but getting 30 kits together took me for ever!

Happy stitching!


  1. Those cards are beautiful. The colours seem so perfect. Maria xx

  2. Maria, Dotty's daughter 30, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    Beautiful cards, the colour of the flowers used seem just perfect. Maria xx

  3. Val, I love your cards. They are so pretty. Of course all those flowers grow beautifully here in Toowoomba as you would know. We don't have wisteria growing but I do love it.

  4. Your cards are gorgeous, truly works of art! They are just as pretty as the flowers that inspired.

  5. Val, your cards are absolutely beautiful!

  6. The cards are wonderful, of course, because your stitching is so creative and magical. I like the pincushion, too. Is that available in your Craftsy shop? Thanks for sharing some wonderful photos.

  7. Val ces cartes sont de toute beauté !!!! j'aime, amicalement, chantal45

  8. Such beautiful stitching on your cards - it would be a delight to receive one!

  9. Little pieces of art, beautiful.

  10. How clever are you! All your cards are wonderful and so pretty.

  11. Val I think you could make a very profitable sideline with your cards! I love handmade cards too, and have saved all the ones I have received over the years. They are in a box but not forgotten, as from time to time I get them all out and admire them all over again.
    Your felt pincushions are adorable...another must-do added to my list..


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