October 18, 2015

On being a Planner

I'm a planner! I make lists of things that I have to do every day, my diary is filled with scribbled notes so I don't forget what I'm going to have to do on a certain day, I am always organising my life (and anyone else's who is nearby!) For the last month or so, I've been planning two celebrations for my husband's special "O" birthday. The invitations are out, the menus are organised, the shopping lists are written, and the baking is starting.

But over many years, I have learned that I have to leave room in life for unplanned events. I am happy that I am still flexible enough to occasionally do "spur of the moment" things - like go to the Craft Show and buy these gorgeous buttons:

... and these miniature hoops. I am picturing some beautiful embroidery in them and then made into pendants:

Some of the unplanned happenings in life are just wonderful. At the beginning of the year, we never dreamed that our family from overseas would be able to be with us for the birthday celebrations. Some of them arrived yesterday so there's lots of chatting, hugs and smiles happening.

 Another thing that I hadn't planned was to have two computers break down in a month! This week our old laptop which was my life-saver when my main computer died, decided it just wasn't going to start up! A few years ago, I found that I coped better with unplanned bad situations if I asked the question, "Am I still going to be upset about this in a week's time ... in a month's time ... in a year's time." If it's something that's not going to bother me in a month's time, then it really isn't worth getting upset about now!

After a mild panic because I need that laptop for the parties next weekend, it looks as though the family will be able to come to the rescue with something that will be compatible to show photos on our TV.

Being a planner has its advantages, because around six months ago I started sewing for Christmas. This cute Christmas lights fabric was given to me by a dear friend and it was the perfect background for my Polly finds the Holly Oven Mitt and Trivet set:

The pattern is in Handmade Magazine Vol 34 No 2:

The party plan and arrival of more family dictates that I won't be doing much stitching in the next week, but I did find time yesterday to prepare a new stitchery which will be my relaxation at night when I put my feet up!

Have a great week.


gracie said...

Love your unplanned finds....good luck with all the party preparations.

Kate said...

Val, your oven mitt and trivet are just perfect for Christmas! I, too, am a planner and find that my list(s) keep me on track although sometimes I wonder if I need a master list of the lists, lol. It's a 'bummer' about the computers. Enjoy the family visit. xx

Rian said...

Congratulations in advance and enjoy all the chats and so on with all the family around you. You are blessed to have them!
I like your buttons, the ones with Josef and Maria I do have them too. I want to make a little wall hanging for december. The other one, with the camels and three wise men, I have not seen before. Hope I can find them here too!

Createology said...

I can only imagine being a planner and I admire you for being able to do so much. Company and a party sound like a wonderful way to spend time making lasting memories. I adore the "little things" you picked up for your creative ventures. Serene Sunday Dear...

Anonymous said...

Oh, happy birthday to your husband! How wonderful that so much family is arriving for the party. I'm a planner, too, but like you I have a saying. I've said this for more than 50 years. It's helped me to overcome feelings of disaster many a time. Who'll know the difference in a hundred years? You know, now that I'm half-way through the hundred years since I started saying it, I've discovered I was right all along. Most things I don't remember next week, let alone any longer. The other few will be with me forever, but that's okay. =) Have a wonderful week of family. Love your Christmas mitt, and the name is great!

Melody said...

Really lovely gifts. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you are very well organised.

Ondrea said...

Have heaps of fun with your family and a very big hug for your birthday.