Coat Hanger memories

I am rather fond of pretty coat hangers. It all started many decades ago when I was a little tot in primary school. Our school ran a series of Spelling Bees and I won the competition in my grade. The prize was a pretty padded and decorated coat hanger. 

I remember my mother being quite excited about it and it wasn't till I was in my "double figures" that I began to value it. I used it for years and years until finally it ended up being just raggy strips of fabric draped over wood, and it had to go where all coat hangers eventually go!

Over the years I have enjoyed making my own pretty hangers, my favourite probably being this one that I made for a bride earlier in the year:

Most of the ones that are in my own wardrobe were made by my lovely mother. She loved crochet and spent her latter years making exquisite tablecloths, doileys, rugs and coat hanger covers, and I have been the happy recipient of many of them.

A while back I had the urge to make some more fabric covers, and so the sweet and pretty Frou Frou was born:

The pattern has now been published in Patchwork & Stitching Magazine Vol 17 No 2.

If you want to make your own pretty hanger, my Doing Frilly pattern is still available for free. They make lovely gifts with Christmas fast approaching.

Talking of Christmas, I have put another of my Christmas designs in the pattern store. Christmas Chimes Candle mat is a delightful combination of felt, applique and silk ribbon embroidery.
You can see it here.

I'm excited about teaching Hollyhock Cottage at a workshop this week.  

I love it when a design comes together exactly how I want it.

This is a multi-functional folder pattern as it can be made into a needle-case or a tissue holder or a card wallet. 

I hope the ladies enjoy making it!



Ondrea said...

LOve your coat hangers. I should have made one for my daughter when she got married on the 14th November. That little wallet looks rather cute too.

Nanna Chel said...

Val, my mum used to crochet the padded coathangers. I saw your pattern a while back and saved it for future reference. I must made some up soon...after I sew some skirts for my granddaughters who will be coming to visit for Christmas.

Christine M said...

I love covered hangers too. Your hangers are gorgeous, Val. I've lost count on how many of your Doing Frilly hangers I have made.

Gina E. said...

I am another fan of covered coat hangers! I was a volunteer occ.therapy aide at a nursing home once and encouraged some of the residents to knit or crochet covers for wooden coathangers that I had found at an opshop. It kept them happy for hours. After years of not doing any knitting or crochet, it only took a few minutes for the staff members to start the residents off, and they managed to finish quite a few!
I've covered a couple of wire coat hangers with embellished felt, but your padded ones are more practical, so I hope to have a go at those some day!
Happy's early I know, but your lovely Christmas projects here reminded me :-)