Showcasing a fabric range

I love fabric ranges! I know that some quilters like to choose their own colours and mix and match fabrics to suit their style. I know that some think that using a fabric range is somehow 'cheating' and taking the easy road. 

Well, I am happy to let a fabric designer do all the work. I'm delighted that they have spent many hours getting their colours just right and that I can buy up to 40 fabrics that will blend perfectly, that will have a combination of small, medium and large-scale motifs, will include light and dark contrasts and will contain good basic tone-on-tones to work beautifully with the patterned fabric.

When I saw the pretty Rosemont Manor Fabric range by E. Vive for Benartex, I fell in love with it immediately. I bought a set of 12 fat quarters and some yardage and then wondered whatever I was going to make with it! I decided that this range deserved to be showcased in a quilt!

I chose the simple Snowball block so that the focus could be on the beautiful prints. However, it needed something to finish it off, so I had fun creating an applique border. I called the quilt "Black Beauty".

I am happy to say it has been featured in the wonderful Patchwork & Quilting magazine, Vol 25, No 8. It even made it onto the cover:

Black Beauty was one of  two quilts I made last year. Two in a year is just about my limit! My fondness is for small projects - bags, wall-hangings, stitching accessories, cushions - so making a quilt is a big effort for me! You will then be as surprised as I am when I tell you it is only the end of January and I have already completed one quilt top! Maybe I might break the record and stitch three this year!

Happy stitching!


  1. That is a lovely quilt, Val and the colours are gorgeous. Well done! My limit has been a couple of rag quilts as I am straight line challenged. LOL!

  2. This is a gorgeous quilt! Great fabric choice! I haven't used fabric by one designer but maybe I should. That applique border makes it so special.

  3. Congratulations and more to come .Your quilt is stunning!

  4. Fabric ranges are designed for colour illiterate folks like me I think! I can't seem to co-ordinate fabrics in a fit. Those quilts are just gorgeous Val. I'm hoping to attempt a simple black & white quilt/chair cover for hubby this year (maybe some red in it too).

  5. Black Beauty is Stunning. I think you are very wise to utilize a designer's fabric medley line. I can't ever think of a time when any wheel needed to be re-invented. Creative Fabric Bliss...

  6. What a pretty quilt! I would have never thought to use black, but it is so perfect.

  7. Black Beauty is truly a beauty! The border applique is stunning! Lovely!

  8. I must say that the quilt is rather stunning. I am a fan of coordinated fabric ranges especially when it reduces time auditioning fabrics and having to run back to the quilt shop all the time. Clever you!

  9. Fabulous quilt, Val! I love seeing those fabric collections, but resist buying them because I have so much fabric in my stash that I want to use without buying more if I can help it. I do buy solid colours when I need them, to support multi coloured lengths that I have on hand, as the solids never go astray.


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