February 21, 2016

Ice Creams and hot weather

I'm dreading receiving my next electricity bill! We've had a run of hot humid weather and have had the air-conditioning on for 12 hours or so each day. It's part of the bargain I made with my husband when we moved back to Queensland! 

We were living in South Australia in a beautiful country town on the Murray River, but there was nothing between us and the South Pole. Consequently for most of the year I found it freezing cold and we certainly used the aircon for heating the house to a liveable temperature. My lovely hubby brought me back home to our sub-tropical birth-State five years ago and the deal is that we now cool the house down to a liveable temperature for him! I have to admit I've needed the aircon too lately as the humidity is quite draining.

So it really is ice cream weather ... and ice cream surely deserves a quilt in its honour: 

The Icecream Parlour:

Lots of flavours and toppings:

and a lovely place to sit and enjoy it:

I called on my grandson to do the drawings for me again and then had fun choosing the applique colours and doing the stitching. Country Threads magazine Vol 17 No 3 has the pattern:

I still haven't been reunited with my sewing machine so I'm getting quite a collection of bits and pieces ready for the happy reunion. I have a small quilt basted ready for some straight line quilting, two cushions cut out ready to piece, and on another I am doing the stitchery. Then I've been developing a website for a friend, so I guess the time hasn't been wasted.

It also gave me an opportunity to upload the Spending Time Cushion pattern into my Craftsy Store:

The pattern is available for purchase here.

Perspiration is starting to drip, so I think I might need to go and sit in front of the airconditioning again!



Ondrea said...

How sweet is that ! Clever grandson. You make a good partnership. I wish we could have more hot weather down here. It seems that we haven't really had much of a summer at all. No air con here though.

Gina E. said...

Love the icecream parlour :-) Have you considered installing solar panels? Our electricity bills used to be about $500 a month, especially after summer (yeah it gets hot in Melbourne too, believe it or not!) but now we can have our air cons. on from 10 am to 5 pm, and the solar takes care of all that electricity - no charge.

Connie said...

You and your grandson make a marvelous team :)
I love everything about this.
Stay cool!
Connie :)

Rian said...

lovely design.
Warm? Here it is cold and rainy. O, I cannot wait until it is Spring, when the weather is less cold and rainy. Or some more summer.... with sunshine.

Createology said...

I could live my entire life eating Ice Cream and your quilt is precious. Stay cool and dry no matter what it takes to run that air conditioner.

Anonymous said...

What a great design that is, and sure to cool one off in the summer heat!

Christine M said...

I love your ice cream parlour, Val. It's gorgeous.